We do not believe you will find any style manuals or authoritative sources to substantiate your opinion. The Associated Press Stylebook is a highly respected and widely used style guide by American journalists. Today, we are graduating children that cannot read and those that can read but not understand. I think this has always had a flexible rule for words ending in “s”, but students (at least in my university years in the late 80’s to mid-90’s) and grammar books of the time advised to be consistent thoughout one’s work. Who came up with joneses? Now they are more commonly gender neutral – firefighters, mail carriers, etc. Singular possessive is Tannis’s I have suggested that this should be either: Thank you for the suggestion. 5 Letter English Words caput input kaput amput . two boys’ hats My brothers’ things (as in two brothers). In your sentence, the word Partners is a plural form, not possessive, therefore no apostrophe is needed. ?/ – CLASS’S – /classes/ or /class/ thanks. )” Brookses’ still doesn’t feel right. So, which is correct; BOCES’, BOCES’s, or BOCESes’. Thanks. Therefore, “it has its moments.”. Hey, I know stuff!”, -I agree with Jane that, in the earlier matter of the use of the apostrophe, YOU are right and THEY are wrong. To show plural possession of a word ending in an s or s sound, form the plural first; then immediately use the apostrophe. actress’s role? I’ve always loved grammar and when I married a man in 1994 and changed my last name to one that ended in S, I researched it thoroughly so I would know how to handle the situation when it arose. Nouns can be considered as the most common class of word in the English language. Hi, Jane. And jones was spelled jones. Friday’s’ chicken tenders or T.G.I. The Associated Press Stylebook advises Corps’, and this is the form that is more common in the media by far. The Smith Family They no longer recommend making an exception, therefore, Euripides’s tragedies, the Ganges’s source, and Xerxes’s armies are the correct spellings. We are happy you think it will benefit those people who want to study the English language and that you plan to share it with your colleagues. I grew up being told by teachers that “Ain’t ain’t a word because it ain’t in the dictionary”– and now, if you pick up a dictionary, you will find that it is! Kennedy never owned the place you cannot write John Franklin Kennedy’s(or JFK’s)airport so ‘Lagos’ is an adjective defining the airport at Ikeja. 5. Found 48 words that end in put. Let’s say blackberry is a term for a choke hold that is applied to an opponent. And I think a door knoker that reads “The Theoses'” is a bit buch and to me appears to change their last name… Please HELP! This is a first time to go throught this wibside that i have got excited by because it has a lot of wonderful benefit for readers and those looking to study english languages. Always so useful. Many thanks, the canvas’s size Lucia. Another widely used technique, the one we favor, is to write the word as we would speak it. Please see our blog The Subjunctive Mode for our response. Izzy and Lucas’ book? Thanks. I find that this way they do not get confused about, for example, “children’s, princess’s, the Joneses’….”. The Chicago Manual of Style used to differentiate between ancient proper names and current proper names in regard to the possessive form. Which is correct. Either one could be grammatically correct, depending on how the term is used in a sentence. The latter doesn’t make sense to me (since they’re not possessive), but it seems to be the norm. 6. Diners Club Depending on pronunciation a proper noun gets an ’ or ’s. The spelling of the company name is Lowe’s, which ends in an s. Using the rules for words ending in s, writing the plural Lowe’ses is awkward indeed. One word was on the cover and I thought that someone had made a major mistake. However, if a business is called Lowe’s, or Lowe’s Funeral Home perhaps, then your examples are correct. kaput. Remembering Jane Straus | May 18, 1954—February 25, 2011 | Author of the original Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Related: Words that start with put, Words containing put. 2. Very helpful but the “Lagos Airport” example is a great example of what I always found so frustrating about English grammar’s rules– their inconsistency. Not sure which to use on conference brochure. You would use an appostrophe before the s to show possession (belonging to Mike). Rule 1c seems to indicate that common plural noun would have s’s whereas a proper noun ending in s would likely be s’ -this is the opposite of what is generally found elsewhere on the web at places such as: Hi, Miranda. I am trying to assign possession to a business, the name of which ends with ‘s, e.g. Thank you, AKA Charles’s (Charles’) desk.” The person looking for Charles’s desk just gives a blank stare. I always use Brooks’s but most everyone else writes Brooks’ so I have no idea which is the correct way. I went to elementary school 1997-2003 (in America, so this only applies for sure to American English), and I was taught NEVER to put an “s” after the apostrophe when making a single noun that ends in “s” possessive. Congratulations on your marriage! This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Also, the name of a store should be capitalized. Do I write it as: Since it is a singular possessive (the gender reveal of the baby), “Baby Fitzsimmons’s Gender Reveal” is correct. In America, each style manual seems to have different rules. 2. thanks. The flight of the Smothers’ was unavoidable. Examples: CD’s, numbers such as 4’s, etc. The Brooms picnicked there with the Brooms’ dog Spot. Assuming that the professor teaches only one world literature class, answer “C) class’s” is correct. “A’s” is plural, not possessive in this case, so is there a special exception for showing an apostrophe for plural when it involves a single letter of the alphabet for example? It is a simple plural like “My favorite things” or “We ate carrots.”, With plurals of names, you don’t need apostrophes. (Same reason as second sentence.) Is this right; The Philippines’s government. How would you make a plural possessive with a word that ends in s then? I think this is a rare exception to this rule. Or even, do you say in our (the groups) hearts’ toward all of you ? two children’s hats Department of Veterans Affairs, Most writers and editors add an apostrophe plus s to singular nouns ending in s. There are a few who only add an apostrophe. Their last name is Arps. That is why I am now on this site checking the rules. The Joneses are flying in from New York tomorrow. I teach a 4th exception for modern day speakers who have difficulty pronouncing the syllable after the apostrophe in possessives of singulars that end in a ‘z’ sound. Your sentences could easily be reworded as: With the examples in previous comments, there are a couple options and seems like all are correct but example 1 is the only one that feels right to me. The correct and incorrect should be reversed. How do you make your name, Ellis, plural? Thanks. The writer will have to decide if it is wise to do so. Rule 2: To show plural possession of a word ending in an s or s sound, form the plural first; then immediately use the apostrophe. Davis’s class the other is Lutins’ Class should they be different in the same publication?

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