ButterflyNet – Butterfly Net FlamingLeadPipe – The “Spitfire” FaradaysWorkshopKey – Faraday Workshop Key Map_DigSpot_GD0_01 PituitaryExtract_Weak – Common Pituitary Fluid Stay clear of plagued Wastrels, indicated with orange around their heads, and try not to spend too much time in toxic sludge. LinenCoarse – Coarse Linen Spiritfarer Tchotchke: How to Get, What They Do, Sell Values, Skyrim: How to Fill Soul Gems & What They Do, Sims 4: How to Get Magic Beans & What They Do, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition for PS5 & Xbox Series X Gets Another Trailer with HYDE’s New Song, Time-Bending Shooter Deathloop Gets a Release Date With New Trailer, Ghost of Tsushima Is The Fastest-Selling First-Party Original PS4 Game With 5 Million Units Sold, Nintendo Collabs With Actor/Rapper Awkwafina To Promote the Switch in New Ad, Ori and the Will of the Wisps Gets Gorgeous Trailer Showing Optimization for Xbox Series X and S, We Happy Few: How to Get Neximide Pills and What They Do. Neximide Pill is a consumable item that cures Food Poisoning. PituitaryExtractor – Pituitary Extractor Squares (usually grassy clearings) are areas between streets and very often where encounters take place. That’s all you need to know to put your weapons away or take them out in We Happy Few. BetterMousetrap – Better Mousetrap, Thrown Weapons Cookies help us deliver our Services. There will be water pumps that provide an unlimited supply near your safe house in the Garden District, and canteens are readily available while looting your way through Wellington Wells. If you perform a takedown on an NPC, especially a Wastrel (the Downers in the starting area), you have a good chance of getting some too. PituitaryExtract_Plague – Plague Pituitary Fluid We Happy Few is a work in progress, which makes this guide a work in progress, too. LoreCinematic_AfterS04 Map_DigSpot_VLG1_03 OlliesPlagueCureGrog – Ollie’s Grog LorePickup_Construction02_All_04_Blackberry StaminaRegenBoost – Feramyle syringe 45RPMRecord_Gold – Gold 45 RPM Record LorePickup_Construction02_All_05_JoyFormulaAdjustments RottenPotato – Rotten Potato BandageAntiseptic – Antiseptic Bandage You can help We Happy Few Wiki by expanding it. Look for the Wellington Underground sign, as the safe houses are often behind it. BlackPowder – Black Powder RareMushroom – Histoplasma They most likely carry them since they live on the outskirts of town and rotten food is the most common food around these parts of We Happy Few’s world. KeycardBase_Worker – Worker’s Keycard FromPeterThump TorchEmpty – Torch (Empty), Melee Weapons She has several important items: Scotch, A Lovely Bouquet, Rubber Duck, Empty Syringe, Empty Pill Bottle, and a Rubber Tube. ShockerGrenade_Bobby – Bobby Shock Grenade Nighttime in the Garden District is safe, while nighttime in Hamlyn Village can be dangerous because of patrolling bobbies. LoreCinematic_AfterS10 UrgentJoyRequest FuseA – 5 Amp Fuse You'll be twice as suspicious as the pill leaves your system. Step Three: Copy this into the empty space and save. RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE: All Survivor Equipments, Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Dry Twice: How to Get All Achievements Without Replay the Whole game, BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE Guide (Characters, Items, Rooms, Bosses and Gameplay), Monster Girl Club Bifrost: Basic Gameplay, Yakuza Like a Dragon Exam Answers (Ounbara Vocational School), Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Basic Observations & Strategy (Beginners’ Guide), Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass: Light-bulb Locations, Sakuna Of Rice and Ruin: How to Fix Controller Support Issues, Football Manager 2021: How to Change Your User Data Location, Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Fix The Camera Cann’t Move Issue. FoodEfficiencyManual – Clean Plate Award (Food increases max stamina for longer time) Map_DigSpot_GD0_02 KeycardBase – Key Card LorePickup_SallysHouse_PleasePresent IntimidationManual – Intimidator (Last NPC left in combat has small change to leave items and run away) Map_DigSpot_GD2_04 LorePickup_BobbyHQ_DownerReport Scourge – Head Knocker Church_VicarGone Welcome… So this is going to be a very basic guide on accessing developer console on WHF (And its DLC’s) if you have any questions feel free to ask (ill answer to … TearGasGrenade – Tear Gas Grenade, Wearables Step Four: Go to steam and open your library. We Happy Few is at its core, a semi rogue-like Survival game with procedural elements. But chests, dressers, cabinets, and other normal containers have had some. BobbyHQMemo2 ChezGemma_CipherBook HoardHouse_SafeCode DickTheNaughtyDuck – Dick the Naughty Duck YamReward_Horse – YamReward (Horse) LorePickup_DoctorHQ_Application ShopKey – Shopkeeper’s Key Gift_TEMPLATE – Gift_TEMPLATE (TEMPLATE) Wear a Torn Suit and avoid taking joy when in the Garden District. CricketBat – Cricket Bat Umbrella – Brolly JimmyBar – Jimmy Bar FryingPan – Frying Pan Stack Size PituitaryExtract – Pituitary Fluid MysteriousChestNote_CharmAlly StaminaBoost2_Bad – Altered Formula Dexipam LorePickup_VerlocsLab_All_07_ChemistryQuestions LorePickup_ReformClub_InterrogationScript LinenEphemeral – Emphemeral Linen PointyStick – Pointy Stick TrapDisarmerManual – Artful Hands (Increases speed of disarming traps by a small amount) We recommend that you keep two stacks of canteens and always fill them at a water pump when available. Bread – Bread LorePickup_GD0_PrudenceHolmesDiary LoreCinematic_AfterA03a 45RPMRecord – 45 RPM Record DeliveryBoyOutfit – Delivery Boy Outfit JoyToleranceManual – I Know Who I Am (Sources of joy accumulate slower) You can choose two options when you start a new game. Map_DigSpot_TerribleLife_Sally HolyYam_Floating – Holy Yam BobbyInvestigation_Letter HealthBoost2 – Extra strength sanitol DIgitalax – Digitalax DearFatherMcCartney Required fields are marked *, So this is going to be a very basic guide on accessing developer console on WHF (And its DLC’s), Step One: Open file explorer and head to “Documents” here you should find a folder named “My Games” inside you should see “We Happy Few”.

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