As Spencer hits on in this video above, Maxey’s ability to fight over screens and mirror his opponent is impressive. Suns talking trade to pair Booker with Chris Paul, The Phoenix Suns are engaged in trade talks with the Thunder for Chris Paul. He averaged 2.2 turnovers per game as a high-usage guard this past season. With free agency starting next week, it appears the Suns will have a nice facility to show off to prospective free agents, Draft Nov 18, Free Agency/Trades Nov 20, Suns have $18 mil to spend, SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft: Suns select Kira Lewis Jr. 10th, Locked On Suns Thursday: Everything you need to know about a possible Chris Paul trade for the Suns. I like Maxey quite a bit relative to some of the other players in this class because there are two things I feel he'll do at the next level with basically any team. The form is exquisite as well so there is plenty to like there despite the poor shooting season from the Kentucky freshman. Some I've talked to lean toward the former. That being the case, Maxey could end up becoming overly reliant on pull-up jumpers from midrange, a fallback for him when he has his first option cut off. For some of you, that makes selecting him a non-starter. He was prone to having the ball knocked away in college, and he has to rely heavily on his (admittedly very good) body control to make up for issues handling the ball. Despite the belief in Maxey from many scouts and a high-level skill to hang his hat on, the projections currently place Maxey around Philadelphia's range. When it comes to strictly defending guards, there may not be a better option in this draft than Tyrese Maxey. Maxey is one of the best finishers in this class. He will be a somewhat limited defender due to his size, but I expect him to be able to cover guards at an extremely high level. Maxey is quick, but not necessarily explosive. Evaluating the fit between Chris Paul and Devin Booker in Phoenix. On this team, if Maxey is as bad a shooter as he was in college, it compounds an already glaring issue. The shooting concerns must be taken seriously because there's a chance they could limit the effectiveness of his excellent finishing ability, should teams just decide they'll leave him alone on the perimeter. But they necessitate very different approaches, a meandering Euro step vs. a more sudden two-footed leap: When you combine all that with a soft touch around the basket, you have a guy who is going to draw attention in the painted area, always a welcome thing for any team. His pull-up jumper is his most dangerous weapon. College stats (one season): 14.0 points, 4.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 42.7/29.2/83.3 shooting splits. His footwork is strong, he competes hard, he uses his body well, and he does a great job of navigating through traffic/screens to keep up with his man. A lot of people still steam over the team's swap of Mikal Bridges for Zhaire Smith on the night of the 2018 draft, but far fewer discuss how much better Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is than either guy, and he was picked one slot after Bridges. One of the top perimeter players in the 2019 class. His unique blend of body control, mid-air adjustments, ambidexterity, soft touch and strength gives him the ability to finish in a myriad of ways. He does an excellent job of adjusting on the fly, choosing appropriate speeds to attack the rim based on the situation. A quality rebounder for a guard. Maxey is a tenacious, physical defender on and off the ball. If you can take that away from Maxey, there's not a ton left for him to hang his hat on. The only real knock on SGA coming into the league was his reluctance to shoot, and though he has been just average since entering the league, he was/is the sort of creator who could ease the burden on Philadelphia's idiosyncratic primary stars, something they've shown they need. If your two primary initiators are Maxey and Simmons, well, you might run into some walls in the paint. While his numbers don’t jump off the page, there are flashes where you can see the potential with his ability to score from three levels and defend at a high level. In a role where he’s used operating next to a primary creator as a “co-pilot” in creation responsibilities I could see him thriving. The two would be an awesome pairing if the Suns trade for Paul. Has Tyrell Terry's offseason moved him too far up the board? Here’s the case for Tyrese Maxey. But awareness is only half of the battle here, and you have to be able to execute at the rim on top of that. He has the frame to add on more muscle, so when you combine that with his intangibles and commitment on this end, it’s easy to see him as a positive defender long-term.

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