The river drops more than 7,000 feet (2,100 m) from its headwaters, near Galena Summit above the Sawtooth Valley in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, to its confluence with the Snake River. On the Middle Fork section, there is very little development, a few "fly-in" lodges are the only sign of human habitation. on Marsh Creek was noon last Thursday, May 21, with the Middle Fork Lodge It's a rocky mess. Pistol Creek is one of the most popular campsites along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Thank the river gods it was untouched. But even though the eastside of the river was nuked by fire, the campsite on the westside was still intact. The fire hasn't affected hunting back here. Idaho Senator Jim McClure introduced the measure in the Senate in late February,[10] and President Reagan signed the act on March 14,[11] less than four weeks before Church's death on April 7 at age 59. hung up on. I push off and take my kayak down a little slot on the left side of the falls. The packbridge at The B was blown off its foundation by the windstorm in front of the fire. The Salmon offers a unique variety of options for white water runners of all interest and comfort levels from those seeking white knuckle, high adventure and excitement to those just looking to get their feet wet for the first time in a mellow, fun environment. They are good luck. the boats. The person who had the float permit and the leader of our group rescued me, and we took off down the river to try to catch our boat before the next big rapid. It's still cold and you can see your breath. was with us for the rest of the trip. was also less frothy than last year and the holes were well defined...and huge! Of course, the Salmon River—commonly referred to as "The River of No Return"—is a main focus of the show. were quite a few holes to watch for. current)! The next time a non-Idahoan tries to bring you down, be sure to send them this list of 12 Reasons Why Idaho Is The Most Underrated State In The U.S. A faint light is illuminating the eastern sky. We continue downstream. Well, We also stumbled on the interesting remains Normally, the run on the Middle Fork is about 100 miles. up in class since a slide several years ago. We cook up some sausage and eggs for breakfast. Canyons River Company is operated under special use permit with the Salmon-Challis National Forest. Bighorn tracks. If you have a raft, canoe or kayak, just jump in and begin your journey. This section was wild! The pines along the river bank are blackened part way up the trunks. The river turns abruptly north at the confluence with the Little Salmon River at Riggins, about 87 miles (140 km) above its mouth. Much of this information is available from libraries near the whitewater river. "Canoe Ken" Wiesmore, Ted Thomason (Cat Skinner and Pirouette Portager), Kurt [5] The Act also added 125 miles (200 km) of the Salmon River to the Wild and Scenic Rivers System. We had purchased wet suits at Stanley earlier in the day on the advice of some of the professional guides, who said they wouldn't consider running the river at that level and temperature without them. My life jacket popped me to the surface in a few seconds, which only seemed like an hour or two. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness wasn't a designated wilderness yet. The water is about 100 to 102 degrees (about the same as my hot tub back home). The scene downriver looks like the old Middle Fork. The lower half of the river provides the time zone boundary for the state, with northern Idaho on Pacific time and the rest of the state on Mountain time. This is the last day on the river. Espresso is next. and to enjoy the company of people who love the wilderness. The stories that flowed across the Internet were riveting. Shut up! What had happened? Due to the popularity of this river and to preserve the wilderness character of the area, a very limited number of permits for private floaters are available each season. We camped about 7 miles down from the trailhead and the canyon was thick with green pines and underbrush. The landscape still looks good. We were there in minutes. The word salmon was a powerful word in my childhood: I was from Salmon which is on the Salmon river up which salmon migrated–beginning and ending a life cycle I watched with joy.]. Had some 14 ft boats wanting to go but Today that street, Highway 95, is filled with outfitters offering a dizzying array of whitewater river trips and steelhead fishing trips. It's the old Middle Fork I remember. Several national forests and Sawtooth National Recreation Area provide for numerous recreation opportunities within the river's watershed. could do anything with it and he had to turn loose facing the next nasty rapid up the clear stream Soon, the rescue party shared the same joy when Look at a map of Idaho and you begin to see why the Salmon River country is considered by many to be the spiritual heart of Idaho. Our guy told us the victim was a big/tall guy, maybe around 200-240lbs, year, the middle was more run-able this time. Today, companies use sweep boats to transport big loads down the Middle Fork of the Salmon. The staff at the Flying B show us around. We bought our own raft in 1992, a bright yellow 16' self-bailing boat, with "dry boxes" to store and transport gear, and an aluminum rowing frame. Contributions might also qualify for the expanded Idaho State Education Tax Credit. The Salmon River Canyon … With considerable help from the rest of the group, we got the raft upright and continued down to our first night's camp. The ridgelines are still dark. gauge at 4.2, a couple feet of snow on the ground, and a warming trend on its The bridge is buckled in one spot and it suddenly dawns on you. Of course the boater has to have the skills to make the craft do what is necessary to get through the rapid. The 'River of No Return' a.k.a. The horizon line looks foreboding. which were buried by the rapidly rising water -- the river gained about .7 If you ever have the opportunity to take this trip, you will never forget or regret it. If you've done the scout well and the rapid isn't outrageously difficult, you merely follow your plan to a successful run.

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