If you’re in Munich in the summer, make sure to spend some time in the English Garden, a large green area directly in the center full of people enjoying the sun and the good weather. Here’s what to expect from summer in Germany, from weather and airfares to festivals and events. Presenting a stunning scenery with castles on board, you have got to take a riverboat cruise to get the best of this place in Germany. Munich is also a good base to visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle for a day. Summer in Germany: Three regions for a laid-back, crowd-free holiday ... Schillings (doubles from €65, limited summer availability) has homely rooms and a restaurant serving seasonal cuisine. In less than one hour, you can even reach the Alps close to the Austrian border! How about a detour to Wuppertal or Münster tomorrow? While there are many highlights big and small, it’s hard to top one of the most iconic castles in the world! Rostock is just about two hours away by high-speed train from Berlin or Hamburg, so it’s easily accessed. And if it is still too much city for you, take a bike ride along the Danube or meander over the Stone Bridge to Stadtamhof – a part of Regensburg with a completely different vibe than the Old Town as it wasn’t incorporated into the city of Regensburg until 1924! Children will love a ride on the Lütt Kaffeebrenner narrow-gauge railway to the beach at Boltenhagen. Canny visitors could find they have the Black Forest, ‘Saxon Switzerland’ or the Baltic coast almost to themselves, Mon 27 Jul 2020 11.53 BST So, are you on board for a summer in Germany? You can even try to go surfing on the “Eisbach Welle”, an artificial wave in the river in the park. Summer in Germany: Three regions for a laid-back, crowd-free holiday ... Schillings (doubles from €65, limited summer availability) has homely rooms and … As the temperature starts to rise, German cities become outdoor oases with plenty of water-based activities on offer. Passau in Germany is a little gem. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, affectionately known as Meckpom, or Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in English, is a wonderful green region just North of Berlin. Summer in Germany. Designed by King Ludwig II, it inspired Walt Disney and his Sleeping Beauty's castle. The information provided by the guide is an interesting one. We recommend Münster as a starting point, with several castles barely outside the city limits. My name is Chrissy, It is more of a chateau and I went to the park to see the terraced gardens and ruins. She prefers the company of animals over humans and with a dream of traveling the world someday, she strongly recommends Bali for a chill-out vacay! Application Deadlines … I visited Lubbenau on my recent trip to Germany as a day trip from Berlin. Look for accommodations as soon as your flight is booked to find reasonable rates and best selection. Its legendary beaches (clothed and nude) are a crowd-pleaser for locals and foreigners alike. Head to the northern tip of the island to see the lighthouse (and views of Denmark), or head to the southern tip of Sylt for the local and relaxing town of Hörnum. Book your flight for about three months in advance to find the cheapest price. The Bavarian capital is full of parks and rivers, perfect to go for a stroll or to lie down to relax on a nice summer day. As such, we will no longer be able to send you our newsletter for data privacy reasons. And of course, no visit to Cologne at any time of year would be complete without a visit to the spectacular twin spired Cologne Cathedral – a world heritage site, and the most visited attraction in Germany. Neuschwanstein, nestled in the Bavarian Alps, seems straight out of a fairy tale. Saxon Switzerland is a hilly national park south-east of Dresden. You will then be signed up to our newsletter. Need Help? Starting from Berlin, you’ll cycle through the lush greenery of Brandenburg as you make your way there. Summertime is the peak of tourist season. One of the most spectacular sections is the 40 kilometres between St. Goar and Lorch am Rhein, where terraced vineyards slope down the steep gorge right toward the Rhine River and castles dot the clifftops around every bend. The city is crossed by Fulda river which offers locals and visitors varied leisure opportunities like swimming, river cruising, kayaking or biking along the river banks. Suggested Read: 10 Mountains In Europe That Will Put To Test The Adrenaline Junkie In You. The Romantic Road should ideally be done from North to South if you have time, since following in this direction you finish at the fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle near the southern border of the country. There are so many options for exploring this natural area. Please click here for up-to-date information on Covid-19 measures in place in Germany. With a spa, indoor pool, kids play around, 2 restaurants, and a bar it makes a great base for exploring the area. Head to the very North and find out what German islands look like. The hike is broken into eight one-day stages. Summer is also the perfect time to get the best of those unbelievable sales in the stores around and catch an outdoor movie with your friends and family. The Bavarian Alps are deservedly popular, but the eastern state of Saxony also has plenty of peaky thrills. Only then will your data be stored accordingly and processed for dialogue marketing. The Palatinate wine region in the Southwest is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate and exotic fruits like figs, lemons, and kiwis are cultivated here — a rarity for Germany. For those who love a more active holiday, you can hire stand-up paddleboards or canoes for the day. Germany is one country in Europe that you just cannot afford to miss out on while on your Eurotrip. If you need some planning to get the best of your trip, we say, now is the time to know more about this country before packing your bags. Be it about chilling under the shades of the trees standing proud in the beer gardens or go hiking and biking in the lush green alpine meadows, this country has so much in store for you that no matter the number of days you plan to stay here, you’ll always want more. Along the river Inn, you can hike to the Neuburger Forest, Neuburg and Vornbach. But there is actually more that you can explore in Germany. This small period property with a thatched roof is in a quiet countryside location close to the Wadden sea. And at the end of your cycle ride, there’s only one way to cool down. Corinne and Jim Vail have traveled the world together for more than 35 years. Suggested Read: Summer In Lithuania: A Traveler’s Guide To Enjoy A Vibrant Summer Vacation At This European Country! Germany is also an ideal summer destination for those that don’t like the extreme temperatures of the southern Mediterranean. - Reflections Enroute, Such a great post <3 Hope that one day I could have a chance to visit Germany. You're not alone – we're all looking forward to next summer already. Today you can learn about their work (and secrets) in a new museum dedicated to them, with an incredible view over the south part of the city from its roof terrace. Famously known as the ‘City of Three Rivers’, this Bavarian town is where the Danube meets the river Inn and the river Ilz – making for a lovely unique photo opportunity! Take a long stroll along the Rhine River on one of the many pedestrian-friendly paths or head over to the Altstadt area of Dusseldorf for a refreshing local beer. The Heidelberg Castle is a must visit if you’re just passing by but if you some more time to spend around, do visit the Old Bridge and Church of the Holy Spirit. A. Karlsruhe, Mainz, Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach am Main, Magdeburg, Berlin, Fürth, Wiesbaden are pretty decent weather-wise. Simply embark on a trek in its national park to spot some vibrant flora or attend the glorious theatre festival of this island. Check out some hotels in Potsdam or even some great Berlin hotels. The Black Forest is an obvious choice for some R&R: it spans 2,320 square miles, from Karlsruhe in the north down to the Swiss border, and has endless quiet areas. Jump into the refreshing sea and simply enjoy the awesome air that will make you feel better from one second to the other. The area is also known for nomadic sheep farming, and visitors can accompany a shepherd for a day or two, sleeping in a traditional wooden wagon at Hofgut Hopfenburg (which also has tipis and yurts, apartments from €87, sheep wagon from €53.50). ), and the adorable thatched-roof town of Keitum. True castle lovers may even want to room in one of these water castles along the way, and there are at least 6 choices between Münster and the Rhine. Check out Varsha’s website and Pinterest. Over a quarter of the city of Cologne is made up of green spaces, in the form of gardens, parks and small green areas that you’ll find dotted all over the city. St. Goar (Sankt Goar) is a quaint town on the bank of Middle Rhine in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rhine Gorge in Germany. In the evening, it is always a good idea to visit one of the beer-gardens around for good drinks with friends and great river views. The island of Rügen is the largest German island, located in the Baltic Sea. Be sure to try Fischbrötchen (fresh rolls with fish and other condiments inside), a Franzbrötchen (a buttery pastry with cinnamon and other fillings), a bowl of. Contributed by Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts. The Saxon capital offers the perfect mix of old and new. I like the wild beaches of Rügen the most with it’s famous big chalk cliffs. I would love to visit Schwarzwald. Take a canoe ride along the shores, or try stand up paddling for an enjoyable adventure. One of the best places to visit in summer in Germany is Frankfurt. 16 Great Places to Visit in Germany in the Summer. And if you wish, there are porter services to shuttle heavier bags from one accommodation to the next so that hikers need only carry a day pack for the day. Here you will find destination guides and travel advice to make your next trip unforgettable. We will tell you about the latest offers, events, new features on our website and up-to-date reports on Destination Germany. The land is mostly flat and the infrastructures are excellent, with several camping sites and resorts along the way. Located right next to the old town in Wiesbaden and within easy reach of the train station, this elegant family-run hotel has individually decorated rooms with wooden floors and antique furniture. Hamburg is the perfect city for a summer getaway! Cologne is a wonderful city to visit in summer. Munich has a great atmosphere in the summer, since everyone enjoys being outside and suddenly every restaurant and café seems to open an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the sun. Take a climb up the cathedral tower for views of the city. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a6784abdbf04b0633c8d371931644256" );document.getElementById("b80045f155").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With views overlooking the historic salt warehouses, this waterfront hotel is ideally located for exploring the Old Town. Finally, Kassel is also known for Documenta, the world’s biggest exhibition of contemporary art that takes place every 5 years during the summer.

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