In the episode, Mrs. Yet more incredibly random FFXI quirkiness. A still during this sequence with the closed-caption "(spoons rattling)" below (Squidward was playing the spoons during this, hence the caption) has recently become popular online. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This meme became very popular, especially to express worry and exasperation among other characters. Reg asks the tough guy about how tough he really is. This is an image from "Little Yellow Book." Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Login. After repeatedly being turned down by the bouncer, SpongeBob tells him a story about a time he stubbed his toe while watering his spice garden and that he "only cried for twenty minutes.". Yummer is the name of a creature found on one of Mrs. The quote was originally said by Christian televangelist Reverend X in an episode of his public access TV program The Spirit of Truth that aired sometime in the early 2000s, but its colloquial usage came through its inclusion in an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. I only noticed It now. This meme is used to portray a person or force attacking another person or force while those not involved are deeply concerned about it. Glenn Greenwald's Resignation From The Intercept, Concordia University of Michigan "CUM" Merchandise. Around 2009, someone edited the frame, and adding music "Gentle Breeze" from Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. PUT IT IN!" A scene from "Life of Crime", when SpongeBob gives Patrick a chocolate bar, he eats it but then Patrick forgets it, so then he desperately searches for it. The origin of the eyes can be found by Googling "eye popping", but I warn you that some search results may be disturbing (I didn't search myself, I'm just repeating warnings from videos about Yummer I saw), while the teeth can be found by searching "adult teeth". This is a scene from "Home Sweet Pineapple." 2. It is frequently used as a reaction image to convey feelings of shock, such as forgetting to do an assigned task. He draws a triangle in the air with the first "this," a square with the second "this," and then draws over the entire screen with the last "this." In "Doing Time", SpongeBob and Patrick try to get in jail to help Mrs. It turns out to be Yummer, who will soon get a brutal beating for this act of perviness. The tough guy says that he ate a bowl of nails without any milk. An official shirt of the quote was made by Nickelodeon and released to Hot Topic. A clip from a 2014 review of "Good Neighbors" (in a top 10 list of other episodes) by YouTuber Andrew The Uncommon criticizing the ending where the Security System 5000 takes control of Squidward's house and attacks the city leaving Squidward to do community service rather than enjoy his day despite SpongeBob and Patrick being at fault. level 1. ", and proceeds to make an "OLOLOLOLOLO" sound that all of the patrons (except Plankton, who tenses up at hearing the screech) copying SpongeBob. This meme is often used to mock awkward situations, regarding leaving the room. This is a scene from "Squilliam Returns" where when Squidward discovers Squilliam, he says not to be intimidated, and tries to imagine Squilliam in his underwear, to which he appears with Squilliam's head copypasted onto that of a man with a six pack and muscles. Since GenderoftheDay first posted the still on Tumblr in late October 2014 and received over 2,800 notes, the image has become popular on sites such as iFunny. it was a running joke in the office and they had a bunch of this guy in the files. Despite this, the image is used to portray SpongeBob preparing to leave his house. Squidward initially plans to put his lounge chair outside to rest after throwing away his chewing gum paper but then hears SpongeBob come outside to call his attention. This meme has been used on t-shirts and other merchandise. "We should take Mexico and push it somewhere else!". ", In "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. This is a quote from "Not Normal." In case you've been living the same place as Patrick Star, Yummer refers to an unusual discovery someone made when hacking the online SpongeBob SquarePants Flash game SpongeBob Saves the Day to make the sprite sheets accessible. This is a scene from "No Free Rides." Squidward subsequently packs up his lounge chair and walks off back to his house. This is a frame from "Pizza Delivery." The meme, featuring only the unpacking and packing up of the lounge chair, implies that Squidward is excited for or is no longer excited for an unknown unseen occurrence. they deleted it all except for that one, thats it. This is a scene from "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm." Name Every Y" Meme May Be The Funniest Yet, Peter Griffin At The Door / "Holy crap Lois, it's X! Videos about Yummer also received a large amount of views, such as one by Oddheader that hit over 760,000 views in less than a week (below). Claiming Electoral And Voter Fraud. This meme can be used in many different situations, commonly pertaining to love and the holiday of Valentine's Day. This quote has spawned much popularity, as well as other quotes (such as "My eyes!" In 2019, the Nickelodeon Twitter account featured Savage Patrick on a post titled "Which SpongeBob Meme Are You?". Immediately after he finishes, loud dance music shakes SpongeBob's house and frustrates the narrator. The character never appears in the game, leading many to wonder if the character was some sort of easter egg or was included for more sinister reasons. with a weird look on his face. I haven't done a lot of SpongeBob stuff lately because I'm not entirely caught up. The official SpongeBob social media accounts also posted a reimagining of the meme by storyboard artist Caroline Director, featuring SpongeBob in place of Mr. Krabs.

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