Giada revisits family, friends and the flavours that inspire her life's work! pasta. From classics like pizza and pasta, to the combination of simple ingredients, it’s no wonder the world has fallen in love with the cuisine of Italy, making its transformation into something new and exciting at Italics an even bigger feat.

Get the recipe for Valerie Bertinelli's Pepperoni Pizza Bites with Homemade Marinara Sauce


Ravioli is already super tasty, but imagine those little stuffed pockets of goodness once they’ve been given a crispy coating in the deep fryer. Maybe you won’t have room for dinner?

In the back streets of Bologna, Michela meets Monica Venturi, whose family owns a shop which sells the most esquisite hand made pasta, from lasagne to tortelloni. Olson's Potato Parmesan Focaccia


Pass around an irresistible tray of prosciutto and mozzarella bites accented with a summery pop of basil on sourdough bread and you’re not likely to have any leftover.

These perfect Italian starter recipes are ready for sharing at festive parties. Laura shows you how to stay relaxed and looking great in and out of the kitchen. Get recipes and clips on Food Network. You can find her recipes on the following website. Truffles. By registering you agree to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice, Copyright © Foxtel Management Pty Ltd 2013 All Rights Reserved | About | Contact Us | Get Foxtel, My Foxtel | Foxtel Products | Foxtel Networks | Sign up OnlineSign Up To Newsletter | FAQ | Site Terms | Privacy Policy | Community Guidelines | Sitemap | Site by Chook, Copyright © Foxtel Management Pty Ltd 2013 All Rights Reserved | Sign Up To Newsletter | Terms | Privacy | Contact Us | Get Foxtel. The pasta is so good, it’s shipped all over the country. With an emphasis on seasonal and simple, Laura's blend of easy but enticing recipes and girl next-door charm will make for meals that America will adore.

Arancini are delightfully flavoured rice balls coated in breadcrumbs. Michela Chiappa is Welsh, but comes from a huge Italian family. Cook Time. Give your favourite old pasta recipes a break any try one of these instead. Forget about traditional dried spaghetti or fusilli, Simply Italian takes viewers on a step by step guide to creating authentic, delicious home-made pasta dishes. Copyright © 2020 Discovery, Inc. or its subsidiaries and affiliates. We hope you enjoy your meal & experience with the Simply Italian family. Deselect All. She also travels to her family’s roots in Northern Italy to find out all there is to know about this Italian staple. All rights reserved. She and her two sisters have been making traditional Italian dishes and pasta since they were bambinos. Italian recipes; This competition is now closed. Italian dishes that turn the simple into the sublime! These perfect Italian starter recipes are ready for sharing at festive parties. This pungent, elusive fungus is one of the most expensive and coveted foods in the world – and Italy is one of the few countries where they can be found in abundance! Easy. 10.

Get the recipe for Giada De Laurentiis' Potato Crisps with Goat Cheese and Olives


Toss up a mixture of textures and flavours into fresh salad that looks as colourful and healthy as it tastes. For best results, visit your local butcher to buy their best prosciutto.

© 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Get the recipe for Anna These Italian appetizers have stood the taste-taste of time but today we're making space in our hearts and bellies for a few more Italian appies. Satisfy your craving to manga Italiano with these enticing first course offerings that will … We’ve hand picked these delicious Italian meals that were made for sharing. All rights reserved. Web sensation and online superstar Laura Vitale brings her take on American mealtimes to television. Don’t forget the crostini!

Perfectly-crisp pastry bottoms and totally outrageous fillings from rich chocolate to zesty lemon. On Everyday Italian, Giada De Laurentiis shares updated versions of the recipes she grew up with in her Italian family. To begin, Michela shows how easy it is to make delicious fresh pasta at home, without the use of any fancy gadgets, by creating a simple dough and rolling it by hand to make linguine primavera – long, thin ribbons of pasta in a zesty vegetable sauce.

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