County clerks will determine these locations. Elections & Voting:: Missouri Election Results Missouri Election Results Election Night Reporting. “He will continue to work to ensure that U.S. national security is informed and guided by progressive values at home and abroad.”. However, an investigation into her actions involving the unmasking of the names of American citizens caught up in government surveillance found she did nothing wrong. Republicans long ago cast her as a villain, alleging she misled the public about the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Libya. Getting Rice confirmed as secretary of State could be difficult. “Secretaries of State are always more effective when they’re close to the president.”. American. His aides point out that Murphy has been speaking out on foreign policy for years, and that he’s simply passionate about the issue. Transition planning for a Biden presidency has been under way for months, with both paid and unpaid advisers playing a role. Coons, for one, lives in the same state as Biden and even occupies the Senate seat Biden held before becoming vice president. Contenders to be America's next top diplomat are quietly jockeying for position. The former vice president also tends to surround himself with a small coterie of trusted advisers, from family members like his sister Valerie to longtime aides like Mike Donilon and Steve Ricchetti — suggesting he’s unlikely to tap an outsider. Kentuckians concerned with contracting or spreading COVID-19 can request an absentee ballot. Murphy has raised his profile in recent years, using his perch on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to call for a fresh approach to the foreign affairs budget and draw attention to conflicts in places like Yemen. “It’s critical that the next secretary of State not just be the diplomat-in-chief but also be able to repair the State Department after the damage the Trump administration has done,” a former Obama-era State Department official said. Kentuckians who are unable to get a photo ID due to the pandemic because their circuit clerk’s office was closed, or because they were afraid of exposing themselves to COVID-19, can sign a document explaining this concern, produce an approved non-photo ID, and cast their ballot. The Election Night Reporting program automatically displays county-level and statewide results from the most recent or current election.. November 3, 2020 General Election; Primary Election August 4, 2020; Presidential Preference Primary 2020 Hand Count Results. Links will not be permitted. Two senators and a former member of the Obama administration are among the people who may be in contention to serve as the next secretary of state should Democrat Joe Biden win the presidency. Coons has also positioned himself as a foreign policy expert, writing a recent article in Foreign Affairs. Former national security adviser Susan Rice is someone else who could serve as America's top diplomat. customers beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Two senators and a former member of the Obama administration are among the people who may be in contention to serve as the next secretary of state should Democrat Joe Biden win the presidency. . But it is not beyond repair, at least not yet,” the essay states. . Murphy, meanwhile, has aligned himself with the increasingly outspoken progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Murphy falls farther left on the political spectrum and has been outspoken about his disagreement with President Donald Trump on just about every issue. Rice declined to comment for this story via a spokesperson. More recently, Trump and his allies have alleged that Rice was part of a broader conspiracy to undermine the president. With Biden ahead in both the polls and fundraising and Trump's message all over the place, things aren't looking great for the president's reelection efforts. If you want to know more, supporters of Coons have crafted an informal five-page, bullet-pointed document making the case for why a future President Biden should name him America’s top diplomat. Did you see the George Will column about why Biden should pick Chris Coons? Sen. Chris Murphy speaks during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. Murphy also happens to be a favorite of progressives trying to influence Biden’s personnel choices. The political assaults were believed to be why her young daughter temporarily complained of having hallucinations, Rice wrote in a memoir published last year. Then there are Bidenworld insiders who need no promotional campaign: Susan Rice, the hard-charging former national security adviser who was in the mix to serve as Biden’s vice president and is widely assumed to be a lock for a top administration job; and Antony Blinken, the smooth-talking former deputy secretary of State who is now a top Biden campaign aide. Beginning Oct. 13, three weeks before the election, every weekday between Oct. 13 and Election Day, and every Saturday for at least four hours, every county clerk will provide at least one location for in-person voting. Of the potential candidates for the job, Coons, who now holds the Senate seat once held by Biden, comes closest to openly admitting he wants it. That makes Rice — an experienced foreign policy hand who’s held jobs all the way from junior NSC staffer to top Africa diplomat to U.N. ambassador to national security adviser — an appealing option for secretary of State. Arizona's Republican attorney general sounded confident there were few, if any, anomalies in his state's election and sa . Recently, the transition team not-so-subtly told people who are already jockeying for Cabinet posts to knock it off. He is now the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Contenders to be America's next top diplomat are quietly jockeying for position. Rice insists she did nothing wrong and came across the names as part of her routine duties as national security adviser; a Justice Department probe into the so-called unmasking of Trump aides quietly wrapped up in recent weeks with no charges filed and no public report.

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