Therefore to retain the beauty, specialty, peculiarity & sweetness of the Santali language, there is a need to use a script that can represent all sounds of the Santali language accurately, and is naturally appealing to all Santals.”7. During the British rule it used to be written in Latin.[6]. It is mainly a web based application. Devnagri remains the script recognized for teaching learning of the language in Jharkhand, Bengali script in West Bengal. Santali language components in language resource database will be much helpful to researchers, writers, software programmers, translators and lexicographers along with Santali Speakers. In the last decade, smart mobile phone technology has rapidly spread through India’s countryside, including in the Santali-speaking areas, and with it, access to social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp have become widely available. This was accomplished through deploying subtle contrasts in specific, ideologically weighted phonetic features, such as the word-final glottalized consonants. In Androutsopoulos’s research however, the digital space allows a relative freedom from the standard orthographic ideologies that are hegemonic in institutional spaces in European nation-states. The explicit aim of the group is to “raise extreme faith among all Santals in Santali language, culture and religion and to bring real loyalty among Santals to literature and Santali script (Ol-Chiki),”10 ideologically aligning the magazine and the group with a discourse of autonomy that accompanied the Ol-Chiki script. This article focuses on the graphic practices of speakers of Santali, an indigenous, Austro-Asiatic minority language spoken by over 7.5 million speakers across a wide expanse covering the eastern Indian states of Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Assam, as well as parts of Nepal and Bangladesh.1 The study draws on a survey of print and digital sources spanning the last decade, as well as eighteen months of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal in 2009–11, in order to analyze the variety of graphic practice and the network of script systems in use by Santali speakers across digital and nondigital domains. Like in Roman, the bilabial and palatals were represented by their equivalents in Bengali, although an Indic diacritic called a virama, which is used (in Indo-European languages) to mute the inherent vowel, was used to check the consonant (Table 3, rows 2 and 4). Social Music Database Engine of Santali song.The Santali Social Music Database trying to create the largest Santali music database from social contribution. The second section charts the development in the mid–twentieth century of Ol-Chiki and the contemporary movement to popularize this script. Unlike in many countries, where hardware (such as keyboards) and software were developed in dominant national languages early on, India retained an English-language setup. Although the multiple, position-based realizations of the “semi-consonant” graphemes hint at allophony, the governing ideology views the sounds as particular to Santali and casts Ol-Chiki as a more proper way of representing them than the Indic scripts. Language Resource Development program of Language Resource Hub. At the time, missionaries argued that the Roman script was better suited for Santali than the Indic scripts used to write neighboring Indo-European languages like Hindi or Bengali, since the Roman script was easily able to adapt diacritics to represent unique sounds such as the word-final glottalized (checked) consonants. He wrote that the other scripts had misinterpreted the nature of these consonants and only Ol-Chiki represented them in the correct fashion, that is, as alternating allophonic variants between checked and voiced stops (listed in Table 4). Typical of these signs is an example in figure 4, which is advertising the Rusika Ramjham Orkestra, which is a local Santali-language touring band.Figure 4. The /uʔḍm / (ᱫ) appears word initially (before the vowel) and is therefore voiced, while the /oʔ/ (ᱜ) appearing word finally is glottalized. There are also graphic repertoires that cut across script systems, creating a densely layered trans-script in which the prevailing multiscriptal situation is indexically invoked without any formal mixing or substitution of graphemes. [7], From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, Reciprocal influence of Santali language on other languages, List of Indian languages by total speakers, English-Santhali/Santhali-English dictionaries, National Translation Mission's (NTM) Santhali Pages, OLAC resources in and about the Santali language, OLAC resources in and about the Mahali language,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core.

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