Split it into sections and try not to jump around too much – who are you? This speech is all about you: who you are, what you do, and what you want to do (if you're job hunting). The founders of my company, AnswerASAP, constantly dealt with this problem in their roles as marketing executives. about you or your business in an elevator pitch. So they created a tool that puts all your data in one place and creates unique reports within 30 seconds or less. Need to park at a sports match or local station? Here are the components of an elevator pitch for a college student or recent graduate: Jennifer Fabiano is an SEO reporter at Ladders. You say yes with a sinking heart -- because you know it'll be the opposite of quick. Once you’ve got it, you can wheel it out at networking events or anywhere that you might come across a business opportunity (who knows, you might even get to wheel it out in an elevator!). or "Where do you work?". What interests you about the listener’s company or business. It distills your ideas into the simplest, clearest points of value, what makes you different, and instills enough curiosity to make the prospect want to hear more. Most of the time, these reports are barely glanced at — or worse, ignored altogether. Write a brief, 1-2 sentence statement about the value the product or service provides to current customers. Pressed will learn that your office isn’t the place to remind you to train. So when are elevator pitches effective? Use Yesware to craft the perfect email, too. Like anything, the length of your elevator pitch will vary based on the situation and how much time someone is wiling to give you to speak about yourself. With minimal senior management/sales team product/capability awareness, I implemented an entirely new onboarding structure, including adopting new Kronos software in less than two months. Your marketing team members will each spend approximately 8,730 minutes of their work year putting together reports. Instead, make your pitch conversational. The more you know about the business, the easier it will be to cater your pitch to the person you're talking to. You know what a pain in the neck it is. Our bodies are rewarded when we talk about ourselves, so, especially when we're in high-stress situations, we resort to what feels good. This will keep your audience captivated and more likely to continue the conversation. Because that doesn't work. Include a section in your pitch where you introduce the company. I've never looked back. The pitch is not only personable but asks a relatable question to the audience – drawing them in. “You want to be as niche, focused, and value-driven when talking to the hiring manager,” Warzel said. At the end, reveal how you can solve that problem. We help hotels across the U.S. pair with the perfect cable provider and plan for their region and needs. I can't wait to tell you about them. If you leave it up to improvisation, you might not be too happy with the results. Parking can be a real nightmare. If you don’t know how to introduce yourself in an email, keep in mind you don’t need to write a long saga, but a brief explanation will put your email into context and give you a leg up if you received their contact information from someone that they know personally. (e.g. That's why they created AnswerASAP. So let that other person know what skills, traits, or projects set you apart from everyone else. This type of pitch is geared solely towards encouraging the recipient to do something specific once you’ve finished your spiel. Don’t waste time guessing what it takes to win valuable search keywords. Build your own backlinks. This elevator pitch is effective because: As an account executive for AnswerASAP, I talk to hundreds of marketers per month. Considering my colleagues often complimented me for my thoughtful and engaging presentations, I’m looking to help bridge communications between non-technical and technical teams to ensure optimal transparency and efficiency. If you're curious, I can explain more. We design and manufacture [PRODUCT/SERVICE] for [TARGET CUSTOMER] that allows them to [YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION]. , a time management app. The elevator pitch example below does just that – addressing the pain and frustration of reporting and offering a simple solution. My goal is to lead teams effectively and monitor performance to help drive productivity, which leads to profitability and steady growth plans. This is why incorporating a question in your elevator pitch can be really effective. Everything you need to prospect, schedule meetings, and follow up – right in your inbox. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Generally, the components of the elevator pitch are the same, but the way you frame them might vary. The elevator pitch below from SEMrush brings in a sense of urgency and encouragement to go try their product out now. It's time-consuming, it's tedious, and it's usually not your highest priority. The problem with this in an elevator pitch scenario is that you haven't earned the prospect's interest or attention yet. AnswerASAP saves marketers time by eliminating the tediousness of data-gathering and formatting to create beautiful marketing reports in less than 30 seconds. The most important thing to remember is to keep it short and engaging, but also ensure you highlight the value you offer and who you offer it to. Sales team collaboration has never been more important. Your actual pitch can run anywhere from 15 to 90 seconds. You sound like a salesperson trying to sell them -- which makes the modern buyer run for the hills. “We’re in the Twitter age, so be pragmatic, concise and to the point,” Warzel said. Remember not to ramble. There is no set formula for an elevator pitch example, but there are certain components that you should consider using in your elevator pitch. The elevator pitch example below, from WeWork, does just that. That would completely defeat the purpose of it. The elevator pitch can be a good framework as you’re planning your answer to the popular interview question “tell me about yourself”. This is your elevator pitch we’re talking about. Or offer up a fascinating fact or statistic about the product. Industry, field, job title, or company. For more information, check out our privacy policy. But if they ask, you want to be prepared with an interesting, well-crafted pitch. This elevator pitch example does just that – this pitch centers around solving your problem –  addressing the issue, bringing in the solution, and how to solve that problem.

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