IN KIEW’S ROOM Go up the small flight of stairs near where they were standing. THE FIRST COMPETITION Remember that the aim of your week is to get the red markers under ‘notes’ to the required level. Go back to where you started and you’ll see him eating and Wendy watching him. Prepare for the first challenge of the game! Talk to Ginger (I’ve no idea what the heck she’s doing in your room, but never mind that now) and she’ll give you a clue as to what the safe combination is, which you’ll find in your inventory. You can look at books by going over to the shelf, pressing the space bar when the yellow icon appears and selecting what you want to read. DRESSAGE If you don’t have enough points to enter, you can just try again, and if you do, nice one! MORROCO As she’s distracted, you can now go over to the table she was sitting at. Ginger’s bedroom is on the same level as the attic room where you found her present. Then go through the archway to the right of Wendy and up the stairs. What? RESCUING THE HORSE But you need another clue before you can work out the combination, so go back out of the room and down the corridor to the left of the lift. That is why I suggested earlier that you read some straight away, and when you do, to write down what they say in a notebook. You will probably notice that unlike other competitions, your horse is now able to gallop on the course, his endurance doesn’t deteriorate, and he’s in perfect harmony with you all the time, so jumping is suddenly easier. Ok, this challenge can be a little difficult. This will take up your first slot on your timetable, and no matter what you put, you’ll still automatically find yourself on the beach, so just put anything in the first slot, then fill in the rest of the day as you like. When the view changes, you should see a door near the little bookcase. Actually, if you couldn’t be bothered to go and ask everyone, seeing as I just told you the combination you could have gone straight to the safe and opened it. After talking to Esteban and being introduced to the other pupils, you’ll go to your classroom to listen to the Director and have a look at your calendar. Then turn left, so that she’s walking towards the camera. Each of these has different levels, and there is a lot to remember. The first item on your timetable, horse care, doesn’t strictly have to be done every day, but doing so will keep the morale of your horse up to 100. Thanks As Elsys says, Spike will be able to help you get some food for Harry. I’m fine with you keeping them up on this site and I realise that by putting things up on the internet I risk this. It allows you to look at your horse and try and work out what he is telling you he needs. Go straight ahead and turn right along the path. At least you and Esteban have made it up. This one, the one with the cogs on it, means you have to use something in your inventory. Then look at the indicators under ‘Notes’. x, Hey, thanks loads for the tips! When the ‘use’ icon appears, you can return the book. He’ll disappear, but because you put out the cat food, that’s where he’ll turn up. Congratulations! Now that Esteban’s in police custody, you can concentrate on finishing the last week with flying colours. Any more advice?? Now go to Esteban’s room and open the door. You’ll have to find it. RESCUING THE HORSE. Go over to them and use the scissors to cut down a piece. On with the week! Please contribute by clicking. You should note by the way, that there are no more lookouts in this area. On the bright side, it earns you tokens and gets you popularity points, which can prove harder to get later in the game, as you’ll need to get more each week. You should work harder than normal to get all of your training out of the way as quickly as possible though. Check my tips for winning the race against Kiew as well. Pippa Funnell: The Golden Stirrup Challenge - Part 1 - YouTube On the far wall, there are some rugs hanging up on a few lengths of rope. Go out of your room and you’ll see Harry and the Director are gone. To escape from the library, go over to the big round window at the top end of the room and open it to get outside. Now that you and Ginger have been cleared of blame for now, you can go back to the week. THE CHALLENGE When you go through the door, turn around to the other one next to it. Time is the least of your worries during cross country. In response to Horse Lova 15, there is always thing like Horsez and stuff but thats all I know! Sorry, but it’s not like that in the World Championships, something fishy is afoot here. THE RESTROOM Go in, over to the bed and pick up the book on it. This game has been made by Ubisoft and published by Ubisoft at 2006. Horse care is easy, but can get a little boring as it is fairly repetitive. No problem. We all make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them. Go towards and across this, turn left, and then immediately right across the river. Pick up both of these. Run straight ahead down the stone path, going back the way you came when you were rescuing the horse. This game looks EXACTLY like the game Horsez! Click on the icon for the area you think your horse needs. From here there are no more lookouts. Another thing you should note is that, because of a challenge coming up later in the week, if you want to spend any more credits at the boutique, do so on Monday or Tuesday morning. Fill in the rest of the day (it’s a good idea to go to the library before doing any dressage) and start the day. What’s this? THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS On Friday, first slot, you’ll be approached by one of Deborah’s students. You’ll need to complete a basic dressage course. Wait a second or two before keying in each number, otherwise it doesn’t work. ON WITH THE SHOW You should have reached a gallery type area above the stairs. If you jump while in the red zone, and the cursor is in the harmony zone, it will save a bad jump and you should get over the fence. Week 4 is also spent in Morocco, and is exactly as previous weeks have been; get your markers to the required level. If you jump in the red zone and the cursor is not in the harmony zone, you’ll knock down poles or get a refusal. To avoid time consuming stops, slow to a fast canter to take on tight bends. Walkthrough - Horse Talk Guide Walkthrough for Pippa Funnell: Take the Reins PC: *****Pippa Funnell: Take The ReinsHorse Talk Guide for PS2*****Version 1.0 by Druid of YuzAugust 29th 2007~~~~~Ye Olde Hall of Fame~~~~~- Druid of Yuz, for writing this guide :)Introduction-----This guide is meant for the Playstation 2 version of Pippa Funnell: Take TheReins.

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