Check out our calculator page where you can calculate Net Checks, Gross-Up (net to gross) Checks, and more. Contact PayMaster when you need help managing it. are capable of answering the questions of when, where and how collections are paid in exchange. In accordance with section 8(2) of the Mauritius Trust Act 2001, a settlor “may also be a trustee, beneficiary, protector or enforcer” in his capacity as a senior partner of Europlaw Group, Inc. and serving as the first Enforcer of the Trust. In light thereof, we have established a worldwide footprint with offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Republic of South Africa, Republic of Mauritius, Australia and Federal Republic of Nigeria. Paymaster is specialized in holding escrow assets to disburse them to all partners and principals for exchange. The “” is hosting an unbiased escrow service for the thirst instance to hold assets and ensure the merchant and the buyer in the midst of physical ware transactions. Nevertheless, we are ready to help people and business organizations to motivate them to provoke installment of their charges. Installments above €25 million to €50 million – 1.5%. _Below you find 3 different  files that you need make the download, complete and return us signed. She's going to get that time off she needs... ...and he might need to plan for early retirement. Despite to this reason, we have been famed globally as a wealth insurance and administration organization. _In the second document you find the draft agreement, in this document you accept our terms and conditions about our services. All of the resources we provide are free. Our bank endorsement is responsibility for all exchanges. The escrow account is safeguarded and gratified by Paymaster, whereas you may have to pay a small commission charge for the administration. We are experienced enough in paymaster services to know that this is not the place for the proverbial “one man band”. Typical fees range from one quarter percent (.25%) for large transactions to one per cent (1.00%) on small amounts. EQ Paymaster works with the UK’s public and private sector schemes and the Life and Pensions sector to manage complex administration and payments. Europlaw Group provides paymaster services to international private individuals, corporate entities, private placement programs and listed organisations that require trustworthy disbursements of payments, dividends, and commissions for large transactions of currencies, bank guarantees, MTN’s, gold, oil, gas, platinum, T-Strips, and other instruments. When dealing with such large transactions, it is crucial that everything gets handled professionally. Contact us and you'll find out why everyone can't stop staring. Europlaw Group, Inc. serves as its independent paymaster services arm, providing escrow, private placement programs, fiduciary services, law of contract, private placement programs, international legal advisory and business law services to our clients. In accordance with Section 21 of the Trust Act 2001, the Protector function is to advise the trustee of the Trust, and with such powers as was conferred by the Declaration of Trust. Skip to main content. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to the first transactions or with various monetary collections. At PayMaster your calls and needs are answered by real people. Once the deal has been concluded and fees and commissions are paid, we care for the management and disbursement throug… have different options of installment strategies for the payment of both customer and the merchant. As your international appointed paymaster, Europlaw Group shall act as an independent and neutral third party at all times. The Protector in this case may: (a) to remove a trustee and appoint a new or additional trustees; (b) determine the law of which jurisdiction shall be the proper law of the trust; (c) change the forum of administration of the trust; and/or (d) withhold consent from specified actions of the trustees either conditionally or unconditionally. The Trust has established relationships in the Republic of Mauritius, principally with private banks in Mauritius which have an extensive network of correspondent banks and custodians around the world.

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