If the returned item is used, damaged, missing parts, or is damaged during return postage because it wasn't packaged correctly, some sellers might deduct from your refund to cover the loss in the item's value. EBay also didn’t honour the no item your money back promise to me as a buyer. In the first situation, the situation can often be resolved in a straightforward manner with the seller providing the buyer with evidence that the item arrived on-time at the requested address. Shall I demand the rest or let EBay get involved? I’m sorry to hear about your recent negative eBay experience. Their excuse was wait for it I should have been in when Hermes tried to deliver it! eBay did not honour the buyer’s guarantee for me . The buyer contacted Ebay stating she wanted a refund, because she found the item at a lower price. I then had an operation and went to stay with my partner for 3 weeks. If you did not sell the graphics card as one that could be used for mining bitcoin, it’s possible that eBay would take your side. He also stated card works for gaming but Im not a gamer. I bought an item from eBay and paid by PayPal. Buyer has just emailed me that his daughter no longer wants the item, and wants to return it. For PayPal, this involves. This despite of the fact ebay has e-mail sent through them proof from the seller that I paid. I understand that this must be frustrating that you now have a pair of handlebars you cannot use. Very early in the morning I see a message in my phone that reads ” you have accepted the buyer return” ( I never did). The unofficial eBay subreddit. Ebay has Turned into Real Greed Driven Slime….I have moved away from them…..PayPal as well…. I contacted the seller, and he claimed his “friend” must have taken some parts from the car and also must have mickey moused some items. The house had had squatters. Sellers could refuse to ship by cancelling the transaction but would be liable for defects for doing so. I am not planning to paid them back the money they refund to the buyer. Auction Nudge is a free set of advertising tools that enable eBay sellers to display their eBay content on their own websites, Gemma is our all things eBay expert. Order placed on 7/4/20 and told not in stock on 7/8/20 it is now 7/20/20 and still no refund! You'll need to send it back within 10 business days, using tracked postage. Check the seller's return policy in the listing to see who is responsible for return postage costs. Do you just get your money back without having to return or is this a red flag? No returns or refunds, but backed by eBay Money back guarantee. my mistake would be understandable. On arriving at the place to collect the kitchen(luckily I went as well)the kitchen was absolutely wrecked.it was absolutely disgusting. Although it may initially sound counterproductive, having a. ‘No returns’ in listings is typically for buyer’s remorse, item doesn’t fit etc...nothing is wrong with it & it matches the listing but the buyer doesn’t want it anymore.

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