As such, to ensure the safety of their child, Charming has Snow crush his heart. Henry Sr. then warns that Cora is playing Regina, that his daughter’s friends need her as part of this mission. Isaac approaches the Light One and convinces him to kill Henry and Regina, who threaten everything, but he seems conflicted, approaching Belle as she's tending to the baby in the hopes of some indirect advice. He would later become the author of the Once Upon a Time book, where his job would be to witness and record stories of people from all parts of their realm. In season 3 Emma remains unaware that Neal is still alive while he worries for Emma and Henry in Neverland after seeing her in the globe using his magic. Neal is then handed to his father, who is happy to be back with his son, as Henry and Emma also come in, having returned from their quest to the Underworld. What did you think of Once’s Season 5B premiere? ("Snow Drifts"), After getting time back on track, Emma and Hook return to the future by replicating the magic that took them back in the first place through means of a powerful fairy's wand. Soon, they started a life of crime like Bonnie and Clyde. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town"), Mary Margaret wakes up in the middle of the night to find her husband missing from their bed. | Regina is trying to teach Emma to focus, to use her magic, when Hook arrives to confide in the Charmings the news of Neal’s presence on the island. It is hinted that Neal is still in love with Emma in Selfless, Brave, and True. ("The Tower") With the kingdom all in fear of the Wicked Witch, the Charmings decide to announce their pregnancy because they think it would be a nice distraction. They ask someone in line but he tells them that he doesn't even know if the messages go through, though he hopes they do. Henry eventually learns that Neal is the father and Emma lied to him about it. Snow, Charming and Regina simply begin to laugh, before heading outside with Neal to discover that it's snowing and reunite with Emma. Emma is touched to hear that her brother is named after her lost love, Henry's father, and Neal remains in his mother's arms as she and David share a tender moment late into the night. | It’s the Evil Queen Regina’s birthday, and there is nothing she wants more than Snow White’s heart to crush. Mary Margaret agrees to her daughter's terms and an announcement is then made. Upon arriving in the screwy Storybrooke — as Regina wonders, Did the Dark Curse takes its cue from the Underworld or vice versa? Mary Margaret worries because Neal is still at the diner, but Robin assures that his own children are with the fairies and that they'll collect Neal too, putting her mind at ease.

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