Is it any wonder our industry wants robot ships that have no crews? The minimum wage for an under 18 year old in the UK is £4.35 per hour. It takes a minimum of three years and a combination of practical training, academic study, and sea-going experience to obtain an unlimited Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency. He also instructs the Helmsman in keeping track of all these and other external factors. Nick Chubb is the founder of maritime innovation consultancy Thetius. Every 3rd Officer ends up being the Master at a later stage and time spent as junior officers are in effect training for the next rank and consequently an increase in wages. I am not familiar with cruiseliner wages, but I guess it should be around $15000 per month. So that we are crystal clear, a leading cruise operator is attempting to employ EU deck officers for less money than an employer in the UK can legally pay a child. At today’s exchange rate that equates to a UK salary of £12,613. Third mate is the lowest of the four merchant officer categories, so pay would fall at the lower end of the range. But in this case, I believe the cruise operator is shortsightedly sourcing officers well below the market rate. I wouldnt even be able to pay my rent with that kind of money. I’m no stranger to the employment economics of our global shipping industry, and that UK and European seafarers must compete in an international market. If the salary has decreased by £7500 over 20 years later, and it is genuine, then I believe it to be travesty! I understand that use of Seamensway is governed by certain. See if they're hiring! The advert asks for experience in rank on passenger vessel, but the recruitment manager justifies the low salary by saying that “they are offering an entry into the cruise industry”. An individual can become a third mate by graduating from one of the following maritime academies: Alternatively, an individual can apply for mate status after completing 1,080 days of deck service aboard an oceangoing or qualified Great Lakes vessel. What Degree Do You Need to Be a Ship's Captain? See all Third Officer salaries to learn how this stacks up in the market. With experience in rank. A 2015 water industry conference addressed the disparity, blaming it the well-intentioned Jones Act, also known as The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, which requires all freight transported between U.S. ports to be carried by ships that are built, owned and operated by U.S. citizens or permanent residents. To apply for vacancies you have to Log in. Remember you want to also be able to plan for the future and set money aside etc. Sooner or later, markets always correct themselves. The salary of a third mate ranges in the neighborhood of US $4500 and US $6300 per month, depending on the cruise line and vessel's country of operation. IMO regulations stipulate that a qualified 3rd Officer - regardless of his country of origin - should at least speak English properly. Required min 12 months experience in rank and English knowledge. 3rd December 2014, 07:14 AM. Even Maersk officers are no longer permitted to take family members to sea because of concerns about safety from pirates. A key position in the world’s largest Tanker shipping company. We deliver promises. There are good reasons for this: English makes it easier to read maps, nautical publications and charts, while it enables swift communication with other vessels, multilingual crew-members and coast stations. It is a repeating pattern I’ve seen play out many times; a ship operator sources the cheapest possible labour, they struggle with crew retention and quality, near misses increase but go unreported, eventually, something happens; lives are lost, oil is spilled, or a ship founders. The mate should know what to do in cases of flooding, loss of buoyancy or when fire occurs. The author also contradicts himself in advocating for higher wages to attract “quality” applicants, while admitting that the supply of applicants is huge. In case of emergency any 3rd Officer needs to stay vigilant and well-prepared to execute a sound response plan. 2058 Euro per month + overtime : 3rd Engineers. For the sake of reference, a leading coffee shop in the UK pays its entry level staff an average of £7.00 per hour. Tonnage and other requirements affect qualifying eligibility aboard vessels in specific areas of service and of certain tonnages.

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