21st March 2019 | 21.45 Hours, Click here for more about Billie and Emma >>. Jennifer Garner, The network's head of programming Amy Winter said of this at a recent press event, "this year, we're even more proud to announce one of our Christmas movies will feature an LGBTQ lead story because, at Lifetime, the holidays truly are for everyone.". Do you wanna know and see more of us gay couple travel bloggers? 97 min Brigade Marketing. $0.13M, PG-13 Jonas Smulders, We are Karl and Daan from Amsterdam. The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime are already running holiday romance movies 24/7, and they are attempting to be more diverse and inclusive. This could be seen as subtle shade to their holiday movie rivals Hallmark, who they are beating to the punch by featuring a gay couple in The Christmas Set-Up. Drama, Romance. Drama. | | | Fascinating. He is now alone with no place to go. | Didier Bivel Though the channel has had some positive depictions of LGBTQ+ characters like Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman's Jay in UnReal, they have also shown TV movies like 1997's Any Mother's Son, true story of a navy officer killed for being gay, 2006's A Girl Like Me about the murder of trans teen Gwen Araujo and Trapped, about conversion therapy. A Twitter thread went viral earlier this month, revealing that the 2004 Canadian film Too Cool For Christmas which featured two gay dads was also made as an almost identical film but with straight parents for US audiences. Mathias Neuber, | You will get a 3 Euro discount at a full price ticket during the festival and discounts throughout the year for the Gay Night at Het Ketelhuis, and sometimes other festivals and events Roze Filmdagen is cooperating with. Stars: One of the Hallmark Christmas movies for 2019 'Christmas Town'. Josh Duhamel, | It describes Biden. The report also noted that only one of Netflix’s six new holiday movies feature an LGBTQ storyline. In an exclusive interview, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist talks about his deadly foe, Jair Bolsonaro, American politics, and making his queer family a role model for Brazilian gay kids. Trump’s 2016 victory wasn’t a fluke. Their affection and their blossoming relationship are portrayed which oodles of charm in this uplifting tale of teenagers falling in love – Billie and Emma. Related: Election Day should replace Columbus Day as a federal holiday. Patrick Timsit, In the same interview, he said, "It's a real testament to Lifetime taking diversity seriously.". | Gross: Yorkshire. | Besides the topic of Lesbian movies, the Roze Filmdagen is screening documentaries and films about queers, gays and everything in between as well. Stars: Olivier Ducastel, $18.10M, Unrated Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Two boys on the edge of adulthood find themselves exploring their relationship. A Brooklyn teenager spends his days experimenting with drugs and looking online for older men to meet with.

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