You consciously set about creating a inner state of being that made YOU of value to the world ‘out there’. Are you living from outside in or from inside out? They taught YOU the language of words and labels. YOU stopped ‘waiting’ for something to happen out there, stopped ‘wanting’ something to happen out there and stopped ‘wondering’ when something would happen out there. Then try it again tomorrow, and check if you did any better. Where? It wasn’t long before YOU started to compare your self with others ‘out there’, eventually admiring and aspiring to be and look, and even live, like others. Until someone tells us, “Your wearing it the wrong way round”, it completely escapes our awareness. The Sixth Symptom – Continuously ‘searching’ for happiness OUT THERE. This happens because you are used to living from the outside in, i.e. If you think of it as a circle and at the center of the circle are these callings, we call them the core … You can subscribe to Mike’s irregular e-article at – it’s free! Your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and past experiences collectively constitute a sort of filter, through which all of your experiences flow. Instead of being carried away like a twig, and letting the wind take you wherever it wants, you can be the solid rock that remains steady even when the wind is at its strongest. Interview with Dr. Boris Cyrulnik, Between every stimulus and response there is a space – by Amjad Mohamed Saleem, Living our values and self knowledge is key to effective action to make the world a safer place – by Dr Scilla Elworthy, A creative inner curriculum – by Dr Neil Hawkes, Towards inner-outer peace: Cultivating spirituality and relationship – by Maureen Goodman, Someone who is frequently looking for opportunities to, Someone who is mostly focussed on what they can, YOU stopped going out for a good time and instead. YOU started to realize that the two realities in life i.e. Checking your filter regularly, by tuning in to the story you’re telling yourself about what’s happening—and the corresponding feelings it’s producing within you—is a useful and important way to start living from the inside-out. Develop a Mindfulness Practice — This is a foundational first step that will support any other steps you take in the direction of developing an inside-out approach to life. Yet you let your anger dominate your mind and body. If someone were to observe an average day in an average week of an ‘outside inner’ (perhaps that’s YOU) there is a good chance they would see: It all adds up to a not so happy life, if not a stressful journey, punctuated with many moments of disappointment, unhappiness and suffering simply because we become dependent on someone or something outside of our self! Mike George is an author of 14 books focussed on the cultivation of self-awareness and spiritual intelligence. This shows up as an inability to find an adequate description of your own emotions and feelings. YOU notice one of the many faces of anger frequently arising in the form of irritation, frustration or resentment towards someone of something ‘out there’. YOU stopped looking out and watching others, judging others, and so you stopped comparing your self with others, and started to become more aware of the uniqueness and beauty of each and every ‘being’, while appreciating the uniqueness of your self. YOU stopped looking at a reflection of your form believing it was YOU, and started to look past the form and into your own heart and mind to see the ‘real’ power and beauty of YOU is within YOU. I'm also the Author of Simplify Now, Mindfulness for Everyone, & Meditation for Everyone. So YOU started prioritizing things in the world ‘out there’. Instead of being carried away like a twig, and letting the wind take you wherever it wants, you can be the solid rock that remains steady even when the wind is at its strongest. In your awe at the world everything was a wonderous ‘insperience’ taking place within your consciousness. An important practice to keep in mind is that of responding rather than reacting. It’s possible to gain command over our own internal experience by beginning to live from the inside out. But depending on these kinds of things—which is part and parcel of everyday living—isn’t harmful; in fact, it facilitates the flow of our lives. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. We depend on our alarm clocks to go off at the right time in the morning; we depend on other drivers to stay in their respective lanes on the road; we depend on our workplaces to stay in business so we can continue to make a living; we depend on our loved ones to provide support in our times of need. Which one will you prefer? The more you practice responding rather than reacting, the more capable you’ll become of staying in the driver’s seat of your life. How did YOU know? In parallel with that realization came the insightful paradox that you cannot know your ‘powerfulness’ until you give it away from… inside out! That's usually the human condition. And as long as you let yourself live based on outer conditions, you’ll never be able to live a happy life. Start with This, Creativizers: Doing the Creative Work the Company Can’t, Everything You Know About Dating Is Probably Wrong, How Unlikely Partners Challenged Each Other to Innovate. Gradually, as YOU started to use your physical senses of sight and touch, YOU would learn that people and things are separate from you. YOU just saw and felt a world, THE world, as one. We are meant to live from the inside out but thanks to our conditioning by our society and culture we learn to live from the outside in. How often do you find yourself do something, even when you know it’s the wrong thing to do? Instead, it’s an invitation to access a clearer, more centered sense of command over your life—one that’s likely to bring about more peace and more possibilities. If you want to change that, it’s time you started living from the inside out. Now, as the person says the words that hurt you, you can see the anger arising inside you. YOU find your self easily ‘triggered’ into an emotional state. When YOU arrived YOU had no idea, no awareness, that there even was an inside and an outside of YOU. For example, suppose a friend or relative says something that hurts you. Whereas, the more enlightened approach to life and living is, yes, YOU guessed, the ‘inside out’ approach. This would eventually grow into a belief that YOU were somehow ‘responsible’ for others happiness. YOU started to believe that the stimulations that aroused the ‘pleasure’ of your senses was the only way to know happiness, and therefore your happiness was always to be sought and found  ‘out there’ … somewhere! Inevitably, YOU started to show all the signs and symptoms of someone trying to live their life from ‘outside in’. YOU began to make connections, discern relationships, between things and people, between people and people and between things and other things! Put simply, it means to live your life in such a way that you are true to yourself every moment of your life. It just felt consistently good, intuitively accurate. Mindfulness, in essence, is the practice of intentionally paying attention to your in-the-moment experience, with a spirit of acceptance and non-judgment. Practice Responding Rather Than Reacting — Once you’ve gotten in the habit of turning inward and tuning in to your inner experience, you can begin to respond to the outside world in different, perhaps more empowering ways. A Life in Balance: Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness. It means to do things that you know deep down to be the right thing to do, and not letting any outside event change it. But we don’t know it! It seems the vast majority of us are ‘outside inners’ as opposed to ‘inside outers’. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? The answer is obvious – you’ll choose the one that is best for the well-being of your body and mind. To live at the mercy of a substance or other stimulus is disempowering, damaging, and draining. You get angry, or act selfishly, and then you wish you hadn’t done so. You think of yourself not as a participant, but as a witness to the event. You become instantly angry and defend yourself or insult them in return. And as YOU gradually started living from ‘inside out’ YOU started to realize it was by the far the more natural and fulfilling way to live. A keyboard and a keypad gave you instant access to the world ‘out there’ and to people in far away places, also way out there… somewhere! Check Your Filter — Everything that happens in your life is essentially neutral: it’s a series of events that unfolds, without much inherent meaning apart from what you ascribe to it. 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