They insist that Lenin was a true revolutionary with high ideals and that Stalin was the real counter-revolutionary dictator which ruined any chance of an idealistic Soviet state. For example, he placed thousands of ethnic Russians into Kazakhstan; he placed many people where they just shouldn't have been. Before the revolution most of Russian population was illiterate living in poverty. He knew that Russia needed to be a world power again so he tried to unite all of Russia instead of competing for dominance within the country. The same goes for Stalin - he claimed that it's way too chauvinistic to impose Russian language as official in his books and he actually did it by his actions. Stalin's goal was to create "Socialism (Communism) in one country". TV host questions Pelosi's nickname for Trump allies. Communist ideas were great, to destroy class division, to give the same opportunities to everybody: free education, equal social and economic status. Lenin was the dreamer who constructed the new society. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Molotov once remarked years later that out of the two, Lenin was the more brutal and ruthless. Lenin didn't want a two-party system. From Lenin to Stalin May 24, 1920. Stalin largely expanded the terror and repressive measures begun by Lenin. Is it possible for Trump to start a coupe? Stalin definitely betrayed Lenin's plans. You should not talk at all if you don't know what to answer. This language policy weakened traditional languages and traditional peoples' cultures. Our community welcomes everyone from around the world to discuss world history, historical periods, and themes in history - military history, archaeology, arts and culture, and history in books and movies. JavaScript is disabled. However there was no significant difference between both dictators. Stalin's intent was to always ensure that Russians (Moscow's central communist government) had a right to govern over the various satellite regions inorder to protect the various minorities in their foreign states. Should it scare us that trump replacing people related to the pentagon? Lenin: Vladimir Lenin gained control of Russia in 1917, and he first dissolved the Provisional Government. Stalin ruled with totalitarianism and this was soon known as "Stalinism"! He was a revolutionary, and he was a statesman. General On this year Stalin became a general secretary of the party in which he used that position to built a loyal group of Communist officials who owed their jobs to him. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Furthermore, he created a New Social Order (NSO), and along with that he promised the people, especially the peasants, that he would give the people peace, land, and bread. But there were quite a few languages lost entirely; especially among the native peoples of Siberia. Even though Trotsky was Lenin's choice of successor, Stalin was able to beat him, and actually ended up exiling him and later Trotsky was murdered. The first plan was very unsuccessful, but luckily for him, the second plan was great! All rights reserved. And while Stalin was in everything but the title another Russian emperor, Lenin was a different kind of ruler - he really was the man of the class for the (working) class. Did the first Taiwan strait crisis have to do with the Chinese civil war? I've been partaking in some Russian history discussions lately with a couple of friends. ? This helped the Soviet Union in many ways. Miserable considerations, just as I expected.A childish talk about cruel communism and kind capitalism...The question was about policy differences between Lenin and Stalin,about Stalin's 'counterrevolutionary',and what are you talking about,gentlemen? Blank ballots: 'I could not give my vote to either person', Britney Spears will not perform again due to legal setback, Student debt cancellation in focus amid Biden transition, How Va. gym managed to avoid coronavirus outbreak, AP drops CMA Awards coverage over dispute, Le Batard rehires laid-off ESPN producer after 'hurtful' cuts, ‘Borat 2’ actress speaks out about infamous scene, There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country, Virus isn't the only thing keeping people from theaters, Pastor's message to those who contest election results. U can't imagine the things he did for the country. Stalin didn't allow it because it threatened his power. Paradoxically, but in fact Stalin was a Trotskist. As a leader Josef Stalin created two five year plans. Why was divorce so uncommon in the olden days? This promise appealed to many people and thus Lenin gained a lot of support! His name was Leon Trotsky. How many people were murdered in prison on any given year on average. Venn Diagram of Lenin and Stalin. Both Lenin and Stalin were pretty same. Stalin pre Lenin's death is inconsequential- he was a Bolshevik under the Lenin regime, carrying out Bolshevik policies and procedures. Iowa State QB's absurd decision leads to easy TD. Russian is not the people. Lenin a fost fondatorul URSS în timp ce Stalin a condus sistemul gata. Causes of the Revolution: Mensheviks vs. Bolsheviks. His atrocities could not be as documented or be made available to the public in general as in the era of Stalin. He certanly didn't deserve an heir like Stalin. I really like that description of Lenin by B.Russel. Lenin promoted the self determination on paper and total subjugation in reality. On the road to gaining power, Stalin did have to face off against another man who had very similar beliefs as him. Stalin found it easier to shut up dissenting voices than deal with them so he was, in effect, a betrayal of what Lenin intended. In the Ukraine there is a resurgence in the willingness to use Ukrainian instead of Russian. Sept. 5, 2020. When Lenin died Stalin ordered the movement of many ethnic groups from their traditional areas into non-taditional areas. Who told that Lenin was evil? Josef Stalin gained control of Russia in 1928. The country was able to produce better quality and more efficient good, along with the fact that the USSR, United Soviets Socialist Republics previously created by Lenin, was back up to par with the rest of Europe. When Lenin died Stalin ordered the movement of many ethnic groups from their traditional areas into non-taditional areas. The Russian language was also imposed on all levels of government, which gave ethnic Russians an unfair advantage in terms of stable employment in all of the various former Soviet republics. American sued by Thailand resort over negative review Obvious Lenin never purged his ranks or exterminated political rivals in the same way that Stalin did, and when the programme of forced confiscation of grain ran into problems Lenin buckled and agreed to implement the NEP, a quasi-capitalist programme, whereas Stalin later forced confiscation through and punished anyone who objected.

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