KM: Yeah. For me specifically, I guess I was focusing more on what Moe is going through and having a single mother who is constantly working and what that looks like for a teen. As well, Madeira has already filmed a trilogy of yet to be released Fear Street movies, which will be airing on Netflix as well. She also teased a major mystery surrounding Spin's powers, her interaction with the Scarlet Speedster himself and more. BT: What do you tend to lean into thematically in terms of this series? It’s not always easy, it’s definitely an ongoing journey! The series stars Kiana Madeira (Moe), Brianna Hildebrand (Elodie) and Quintessa Swindell (Tabitha) who, in Season 1, met at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting and struck up an unlikely friendship — keeping their relationship a secret from their classmates. I connected strongly with Odiseas Georgiadis who plays Noah. Kiana Madeira, who stars in “Trinkets,” not only gained an incredible experience…she also gained an additional family and enough love “for a lifetime.” Working hard every day, the talented actress recognizes the importance of care and love–especially in these trying times. She's a new superhero and everyone is so excited about anything that's new. I downloaded the entire first season soundtrack after watching it and it’s cool because when we’re filming, we don’t know what the songs behind it are going to be. Yeah, I got to do a little bit of work with Grant as the Flash. I think that that really opened the doors for us to feel comfortable with each other and I think because it wasn’t my first day, I kind of took charge, like: “Are you comfortable with this? Kiana Madeira is our second Trinkets cast member to whom we have spoken, but getting the opportunity to speak with this talented actress feels a bit like a coronation. Faith!! My parents are huge fans of The Flash as well and so am I, so it was pretty surreal and I was very excited to get to work with him. How does this translate into when you’re filming it? Madeira was born in Toronto and grew up in Mississauga, but has clearly discovered a lot of success Stateside with the very popular series Trinkets, which wrapped up its run with a really moving second season. When I’m surrounded by love, it reminds me that life is a blessing and every day is not guaranteed. [laughs] And the party scene in which we’re on the roof was so amazing to film as well. And sometimes that’s a little bit scary as an actor because we have this idea in our heads that we have to put on a performance and have an arc and some structure to the scenes, and when we came together on set and we were just playing in the scenes, they would just move on to the next scene and they would be like: “Okay, well, we have to trust the creatives behind-the-scenes right now”, because that didn’t really feel like we were acting, and I think that that’s what made it so special. KM: There’s this one scene from season two in which Tabitha, Moe and Elodie are riding scooters at night down the street, and I remember shooting that, it was 1 a.m., we shot it for about two hours and it was just so liberating. All Rights Reserved. KM: Right?! The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel Review, Exclusive: Trailer and poster reveal for Easy Land, Interview: Over the Moon’s Phillipa Soo and Kimiko Glenn, Interview: Alex Rider’s Otto Farrant and Brenock O’Connor, Interview: A Million Little Things’ Floriana Lima, Interview: The Haunting of Bly Manor’s Victoria Pedretti, Interview: The Boys in the Band’s Matt Bomer, Interview: Michael Imperioli on The Nicotine Chronicles, Interview with author and Star Wars star Anthony Daniels, Interview with Fight Choreographer Brynn Knickle, The Joe Carter Classic Summit Suite Event Recap. You know, the image of the man on all of the Quaker products? Once in a while they would throw a song into the script to kind of give us an idea of the tone and the vibe of that specific scene, but the way that they fit the music, and like you said, the colour and just being in Portland in the fall and really everything was so timely, it just fit in so perfectly.

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