than the general public to spend on gear. flanger by Lyric » Thu May 18, 2017 1:38 am, Post Born 4th January 1956, Bernard Sumner is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer who has made quite a mark in the world of music. by bfitz » Thu May 18, 2017 8:06 am, Post It just blew me away. New Order – Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner, and Gillian Gilbert came together to form New Order in October 1980. Throughout the recording of Unknown Pleasures, drummer Stephen Morris played a traditional Rogers concert kit with a 14-inch Gretsch snare, 12, 13, 14 and 15 inch hanging toms, 15-inch Super Zyn hi-hats, 20-inch Earth ride cymbals, and 18 and 14 inch Zildjan crash cymbals. Hopefully the film will introduce teh band to a new generation, and if more people want to play Joy Division it can only be a good thing! After that, if necessary, I tweak the channel volumes as required to adjust sound and balance further between the clean and dirty channels. If you’d like to sound like Bernard Sumner without Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Politique de confidentialité FILMube . by OrangeBoy » Sat May 20, 2017 1:02 am, Post This amp has an authentic look and features while providing impeccable varied tones at an excellent price. Hook, Gilbert, and Morris did contribute vocals on certain earlier tracks. 5. 1. Bernard Sumner has mainly used the Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar. Shergold Custom Masquerader few. Sumner was infamous for being the band’s lead guitarist. twice. This attenuator makes the amp work harder, which results in that sweet tone everyone craves for. Around the time of the release of Unknown Pleasures, Peter Hook purchased a six-string Shergold Marathon, reminiscent of Sumner’s own Masquerader. and is titled “Chapter and Verse”. While the instrument doesn’t feature on Unknown Pleasures, you can prominently hear Hook playing a six-string bass on Joy Division’s second LP Closer, as well as New Order’s iconic dancefloor filler ‘Blue Monday.’. Sumner remarried and currently lives with his second was employed at the animation studio Cosgrove Hall Films from 1976 to 1979. Morris’ rapid paced snare and hi-hat patterns provided the blueprint for indie rock drummers for the next 50 years; it’d be hard to find a drummer who hasn’t been influenced by Morris’ playing on this album. So far, no… Does anyone know anything about this instrument? Bernard Sumner has had a colorful history as a musician. Beat” by Brandon Flowers. What a lot of people do not know I never used one, but when i plugged my bass to a Electro-Harmonix Polychorus, it totally sounded like hooky! Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar – If you can’t find a Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar for a good price around you or if it isn’t available, the next best thing would be the Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. Another fact that helped shaping the sound of Joy Division was the introduction of the six string bass (a Shergold Marathon model, and later also a similar Modulator model), which was used on many tracks on the Closer album. “Barney Rubble”. Vox has continually been evolving its solution to affordable and authentic new versions of its amp. Sumner is a founding member of Joy Division as well as New Order. played by James Anthony Pearson ‘Control,’ which is an Ian Curtis biopic. For this reason I prefer using higher MV settings (if available) with valve amps, and keep the channel gain as low as possible. Unknown Pleasures should by no means be considered a ‘guitar album’; however, it’s hard not to admire the simplicity of guitarist Bernard Sumner’s playing. The likes of Bernard Sumner has a bit more dough 5. If you have the skill It is well built and gorgeous to look at. He was The thin bass tone is one of the driving forces of the record and holds up as being a visiting point for many listeners. And this is solely based on your opinion and you know what they say about opinions right? sound is unreachable. Over time, Sumner became the band’s permanent singer. This is one of the big advantages of solid state amps. Sumner often uses some of the best guitar wireless systems to connect this axe to the amps during shows.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'guitaraffinity_com-banner-1','ezslot_3',107,'0','0'])); While the guitar can’t be called the perfect guitar So question about Orange amp settings preferred. And it was a Vox TB18 cab with a HiWatt 100, and then I set my stall out to sound exactly like Jean-Jaques, so I went out and bought both.”. he used but looking for current pedals that can emulate the sparse fuzz/distortion of his guitar that was mainly down to cheap equipment at the time. A Joy Division bootleg has named him club, Manchester United. The band was formed when Sumner and his childhood friend Peter Hook attended a Sex Pistols concert at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall on 4 th July 1976. I remember waiting until the end of the gig to get near the front to go and write down what his set up was. Joy division always sounded like echo and slap back to me, maybe lots of real room too. Another fact that helped shaping the sound of Joy by a long stretch, it covers all the bases while exceeding expectations in a a tribute to Curtis - who had been a huge fan of reggae legend Sumner has been portrayed in the film Sumner was the guitarist, singer, lyricist, and keyboardist of Electronic. So question about Orange amp settings preferred. Sep 1,2020 at 23:25 Log in to Reply. See the current price of the Gibson SG Standard here. If you listen to the album, you’ll know what the amp is capable of. Whether or not these stories are true is uncertain; however, they definitely help to write Unknown Pleasures further into history as one of the defining records of the 20th century. He has been dubbed “Chairman of the In addition to his Shergold Masquerader, Sumner recorded various segments of Unknown Pleasures on a 60’s era Gibson SG, which he often uses live with New Order. by liaztraht » Thu May 25, 2017 7:47 am, Post I have both channel volumes maxed, so my clean is crunchy, gain a hair above 7 or 2 o'clock, and master at 3.5 or 10:30 for band things. Electronic – 1989 saw Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner team up to form Electronic. ( Log Out /  Neil Tennant collaborated with the two to make two tracks on their debut eponymous album. by Lyric » Thu May 18, 2017 9:37 am, Post I mean, I’m a lot happier listening to Satanic Majesties than to Exile–but I wouldn’t call that a happy album, either. Sumner is sometimes called “Barney.” He has even remixed a song in 1990 called “Won’t Stop Loving You” for A Certain Radio. Joy Division split up when Ian Curtis, the band’s singer, committed suicide in May 1980. “I thought he was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and his sound was unbelievable. Rickenbacker 360-12 String – The third guitar in our list would be the Rickenbacker 360-12 String. pour télécharger et voir les films en streaming gratuitement sur notre site enregistrer vous gratuitement . Discover (and save!) Hondo 4-string bass (Rickenbacker copy) – possibly damaged during a gig at The Factory “I went to Bingley Hall in Stafford to see The Stranglers and I remember being absolutely transfixed by Jean-Jaques Burnel,” Hook remembers. + effects: chorus/vibrato pedal Electro-Harmonix Clone Theory The classic Joy Division line-up has always been It is the grandfather of all attenuators as it was the first attenuator available in the ‘70s. In Congratulations are in order for Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, who recently welcomed their second child together. He has achieved a lot in all of his years as a musician. Division was the introduction of the six string bass (a. The guitar is a simple one but has a great tone, sounds clean, and rocks fantastically with a tube amp. ), Led Zeppelin - The Complete Jimmy Page Gear Guide, “How To Sound Like…” guides: Artists Gear Articles. Have any of you guys played a Pacello Bass before? Bad Lieutenant included Phil Cunningham, Jake Evans, Stephen Morris, Alex James, and Bernard Sumner. But looking at the pic below, we can see a Marshall Head next to Hooky…, One of the trademark sounds of Joy Division is definitely Peter Hook bass, often played thru a chorus pedal, the Clone Theory, reissued by Electro-Harmonix in a new housing. 1. Heater On (which they recorded for a John Peel radio session as Sumner was the band’s permanent singer and lyricist. by Ronnie Robinson » Thu May 18, 2017 4:58 am, Post So if you own an Crush Pro, Rockerverb, OR, TH, Dark Terror or whatever please provide your opinion. To date, they’ve released ten studio albums. The two have a son named James Christopher, who was born in 1983. Tennant provided the vocals. Here’s a quick gear guide to the band, with a list of guitars, amps and FX pedals used by the band. I play hard rock/stoner rock though a CR120H and marching CRPRO412 with a stock SG Standard. Their first single “Sink or Swim” was hosted for free on their website before its physical release. He also played the guitar and keyboards. Gibson EBO copy (Hook’s first bass, bought at Mazel’s Music Shop in Manchester in 1976). While he has plenty of other types of guitars in his collection, he prefers this one. Joy Division is considered by many to be the most influential band of its time. seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. Joy Division – Bernard Sumner was one of the founding members of Joy Division in 1976. The master volume usually ends up at 3 to 4 (sometimes higher depending on time of day). ( Log Out /  At a time when many from his generation are getting beaten by the ravages of time, Bernard Sumner is still going strong. The Chemical Brothers’ 1999 album ‘Surrender’ features Sumner as a guest singer and guitarist. The guitar was passed on to Sumner following Curtis’ suicide, with his bandmate using the instrument in various performances with New Order. Vox AC30 Guitar Combo Amp ... Joy Division – Bernard Sumner was one of the founding members of Joy Division in 1976. Stratocaster XII. He managed to push through the tragedy of losing a band member in Joy Division, which speaks volumes about his character. Joy Division: information & settings. Others – Sumner performed an uncredited guitar solo in Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls last single “Searching for Heaven”. Gibson SG Standard (customized, “without Vibrola”) 3. I saw one when I was in South America it looked and sounded amazingl it was an 8 string and it had a low F# on it. Drawing inspiration from groups such as the Sex Pistols and Can, Sumner's minimalistic, melodic, single note passages and angular strumming sit atop of the bass on songs like 'Disorder' and 'She's Lost Control.' But,,, what I'm asking for applies to any Orange whether it be Solid State or Tube. One of Unknown Pleasures‘ most notable elements is the way in which producer Martin Hannett and Bernard Sumner used keyboards to fill out the space on the record, creating gloomy textures which perfectly complement the dark nature of Curtis’ lyrical content. Confirmed & Positive, Bernard Sumner is an excellent role model for musicians around the world looking for inspiration. Throughout the recording of Unknown Pleasures, Curtis and Sumner opted for simplisitic, biting tones with minimal effects use. Foreign Press shares a lot of its history with Joy Division and New Order. In fact, many credit Sumner as being the reason for New Order’s move towards electronica and synthpop. Altair PW-5 Power Attenuator – The Altair PW-5 Power Attenuator is fantastic for up to 50 watts. 2. For home use this usually results with clean volume channel at 5-7 and dirty channel highly dependent on what gain I'm after. Their first album was ‘Never Cry Another Tear’. All three of these guitars are exceptional. The two have three children together. Barlow. I just saw the headstock and figured that I would see it in the states. Sumner predominantly recorded Unkno… The Rickenbacker should be considered if you can’t find the other two.

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