I’ve never met anyone who has actually used them. Like Beverly above, I’ve been using Golden liquids, heavy body and the Golden Opens on the same works with the same results – more Open = more Time to blend and vice versa. Golden claims that Open paints are slightly softer than their heavy body cousins. So glad I found Jacksons! extremely helpful reply. great English. dot art and would like to add a little In-depth research into materials plays a large part in her own work; she uses traditional techniques, such as silverpoint, and makes her own paints. I’m sure it just takes time to find new ways of working with these new paints. Four Golden acrylic consistencies on a tilted panel moving over six seconds. Glazing is a technique originally established in oil painting which relies on the inherent transparency of certain pigments. I originally purchased my Traditional six-pack from Amazon due to the ads in Artist’s Magazine. High Flow Acrylic are the most fluid paint in Golden’s range. as they come out Both mediums will ‘lengthen’ the paint and give it a honey-like consistency. have the email, I can keep it. Thanks. You can thin heavy body paints with a fluid medium to reach the right viscosity for pouring, which may be more cost effective because you can extend the pigmented paint to make it go further, but bear in mind that by thinning the paint you will also dilute the pigment, reducing the colour concentration. You can make a wonderful palette using colours from series 1 and 2. Looking at your different paints is helpful. For example, the cracks in the wooden pole that the seagull is standing upon required a few tries with a loaded brush. I’ve never been a fan of Golden Acrylics. Retired and loving every minute of it !!! Then, their lack of opacity is a problem. binder loses it ability to keep the How fade resistant is it? They can be poured or dripped onto the surface for vivid puddles of colour, or they can be used for more precise techniques, such as glazing. Can i thin down heavy body to produce a I have more time to concentrate on the painting process and have less worry about my brushes drying too quickly. forget in a few minutes but now I The That’s okay, as long as you have tons of pigment in your paint. Thank you very much, I’m glad to hear it’s helpful! I love cooking with wines! Plus the price was pretty reasonable at the time of purchase. They are safely intermixable with other acrylic paints. Cost effectiveness makes perfect sense! I am posting to say that I do like using the Golden Open Thinner with the Heavy Body to get fine lines and details with less open time and a bit more opacity than you’d get using the Golden Open paint alone. Making a purchase from my Amazon links keeps me motivated and allows me to spend more time writing relevant content for you and all of my relatively good-looking readers. So I’ll keep playing with them. paints are just glorious, colour is amazing, Given its properties, Open acrylics make blending colors a lot easier. Thank you for your question. I have read a lot, Well gang, I’ve just gotten back from my mini vacation over in Corpus Christi, Texas. conversely …. Choosing the paints you work with is about more than choosing the right colours for your subject matter—viscosity, sheen and opacity are also essential to take into consideration. Dipping my brushes into the GO Thinner, even if I blot most of it off before loading the brush with paint, helps to prevent the paint from drying too quickly on my brushes. It can take more than two weeks for the paint to form an impermeable, immovable film, and once it has reached this stage, it will remain so permanently. I haven’t noticed any shifts in color when either scanning or photographing. only question I have, if you don’t Thank you for your detailed and Evie enjoys giving advice about materials and products. I’m so glad I’ve found this. Very impressive. If this review has peaked your interest, please fee free to purchase a Traditional Set of Golden Open acrylic paints [Amazon] at your local Amazon website. range, where the pigment/acrylic is I only want to thicken very As I demonstrate below, showing how many times it takes to create a solid stroke with a loaded angular sable brush. I have found that by mixing the open with the regular paint you arrive at something that while it is blendable it doesn’t take that too to dry. Evie graduated in 2016 from Camberwell with a degree in drawing. Of all of the available viscosities, heavy body acrylics generally provide the best coverage. Illustration Techniques, Tutorials, Graphic Design, Art Related Reviews, etc…. Then I pulled out my sketchbook, pencil, Golden Open Acrylics, and water brush. they do ( or don’t do!) Taking a quick snap-shot with my iPhone demonstrates how shiny the surface is. Golden’s acrylic range encompasses the variety of acrylic consistencies, making their paints useful for providing a comparison of the four main consistencies. Just don’t expect miracles from the GO product when mixed with a lot of regular acrylics. However, a fluid paint will provide the same depth of colour in a less viscous binder. medium/texture additions) comes later. Fade resistence will depend on the pigment, and only the most permanent pigments should be used. Introduction to the Use of Golden OPEN Acrylics. Once again, huge thank you. This slow-drying quality is an advantage on the palette, as well as on the canvas. This was a mistake. This was Sam’s second run in the paint manufacturing business. I often hold 1 or 2 spare brushes in my left hand while painting with my right hand so I can switch off quickly between brushes to help in blending colors together or do some quick clean up if some paint went a bit out of place. that day in December. This slow-drying quality is … I’ve been doing dotting on stones and This is great, just as long as you use a ton of pigment within your paint, much like Turner Designer Gouache.

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