Thanks a lot. “Have you taken out the rubbish this week?”. Give students three to five sentence stems with a mix of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous, e.g. Then, let your students take turns asking if their classmates have done each of these activities. Not to be a jerk… but you mispelled ‘practice’. Place one hand out in front of you. We can use the present perfect to talk about experiences in our life. Then, the next student should make this question longer, e.g. He or she has to move his/her hand out of the way so you miss. Any of the games above can be played with the students just changing one part of the Present Perfect sentence each time, e.g. When finished, correct as a group and elicit both the positive and negative solutions. practise-verb Ask students to work together to rank those changes from the most positive to the most negative. Feelings present perfect sentence completion 2. “How many foreign countries have you been to?” “Seven” “Me too!”. For example, the student might say “I have not bought anything today.”. Otherwise, thanks! This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. First, demonstrate the game using some examples from your own life. […] Retrieved from: […], […] Description of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Answer me (number 10 in the list) […], Do you know your room? Today I'm really happy to introduce a guest writer to you. Pairs of students plan an around the world trip on a world map. Have the learners continue to submit the cards until they all have the correct form on the back. Students circulate with a question sheet and ask questions to find people who have had a particular life experience. Thank you so much! This comment is Specially for tecbarrera where he says:” Thank you. Your student places a hand on top of yours. lessons. Anyone in the circle who has done that activity must get out of his or her seat and races to find a new seat. This game gets your students moving while practicing the negative use of the present perfect. They then read out just the parts they have written, and their partners try to guess which sentence they wrote that for. This blog contains an hour-long lesson plan to teach the present perfect with games and my skit Ready Steady Go (source of the skit is here). Here are some more present perfect tense activities and resources to help you teach the present perfect tense. 1,2,3,4...5." Students try to find things that their partner needs to do but hasn’t done yet, e.g. Make sure to go over the correct usage of for & since before they start writing. See ESL crosswords and how to make them for more examples and instructions on how to create your own. Practise = British English Here are fifteen fun ways to elicit, present and practise the Present Perfect. If the same kid answers every time, have him or her remove the pictures. 27. Students try to write a sentence about the whole class using the number or length of time you give them, e.g. (You spelled it as ‘practise’ in ‘Here are fifteen fun ways to elicit, present and practise the Present Perfect.’. Your email address will not be published. Once students are familiar with how to make present perfect sentences and questions, this game is a great way to practice expanding these sentences. The first player makes their first stand up if… statement and gets to their feet. When you see the skit is ready, be sure to perform it to another class, to the school at assembly, to parents...or at the very least, have another teacher come in to watch. Of course, if you speak L1 you can translate the phrase to the kids as well. E.g. “I feel ___________ because I’ve been watching my sister get married”) and ask them to fill in the gaps with the feeling that is most likely for them (e.g. The best student made a confident driver, but the two weakest students could not manage their sentence, "I've forgotten my..." alone, so the other pupils helped them. using ‘z’ for words that sound like ‘z’, making some spellings easier etc. Students complete a sentence “I feel ______ because I have ______________”. Repeat through the items. Elicit examples of questions which can be asked for each side, i.e., past simple and present perfect. Give each student 3 to 7 cards with a different number or length of time on each, e.g. I often underline the word present when giving an overview of the present perfect tense. Spread little flashcards around class, more than one copy of each. “Have you drunk 6 pints of beer this week/ this month?”. They then pass this to another group, who try to guess what the problem was. The aim of the game is to be the only person standing by sharing life experiences and inviting other students to stand if they’ve also had the same experience. These are all great suggestions!”, I would say Mr Tecbarrera, instead of commenting nything unpleasant to someone , it’s better not to say anything. Excellent ideas! They should ask questions to get those answers from their partner, e.g. The other team ask “Have you been to …?” and are answered with “Yes, we have”, “No, not yet” or “No, we aren’t planning to go there” until they guess exactly where they are now. It’s difficult to find someone who is perfect. “I have drunk 6 pints of beer this”. Then the next student should make the sentence even longer, e.g. I've forgotten my sunglasses." Students ask them questions (to which they can lie in response about the false one) and try to spot which one is false. For example, gone up, risen, increased, fallen, dropped, gone up and down, remained steady, etc. As they are doing the end of the task, go around the groups and check the cards which have been written and put a line through any that are wrong. Italian students have a lot of difficulty with this. After that, I continue to rehearse the skit at each lesson, for 5-15 minutes (again depending on the level of students). Tell the students how long or how many and they have to guess the thing (either by making a sentence or making a question to get that response), e.g. I guess we’d have a field day mocking Shakespeare if he came back to life. You can then get them to compare answers with their partner, try to guess their partner’s answers, try to guess the most popular answers in the class, try to guess which answers their partner has written the same as them, or try to guess which answers the majority of the class has written the same as them. Next, you wait and then suddenly try to tap the top of your student's hand. Have you been following your teacher? “He’s been making films for/ since…”, “She’s been married… times”. Then I get the students to attempt to translate the sentences into English. They can then take turns challenging each other. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below. Students complete the problems using the present perfect form and must explain what the connection to the present is and talk about possible solutions. Students are tested on what has happened since the beginning of the class, e.g. Give examples from your city and have students tell you how things have changed over the last ten years. 32. Look ready and then say, "No! 3. Now it's time to start putting the skit together. Start with just a few pictures and add more, or duplicates, to make it harder as the game goes along. How often do your students do daily activities like brushing their teeth, changing their clothes and eating a meal? Amazing activities. Give students some scenarios and challenge to write sentences using just, already and yet. Kids open their eyes and tell you which picture you removed. Here are ten sentences I use for Present Perfect. He/she says, "yes", and you throw the ball. For example, a student might write ‘I walked my dog yesterday’. German present perfect grammar-translation activity, all three of our PDF eBooks for under a fiver, ESL warm-up activities and time fillers – more than 30 fun ways to start a class, The Categories Game – for reviewing vocabulary and a handy time filler, ESL Jeopardy: How to play this staple of the TEFL classroom, Patrice moved into her new home last week. They should start with the phrase ‘have you ever’ and answer the questions with the present perfect. Do you know your room? Who’s been a good boy? The game Present Simple Taboo Questions in the photocopiable section below is a variation on this. Your turn”, One student says how long they’ve been doing something with the Present Perfect Continuous, and their partner has to guess what they have achieved in that time with the Present Perfect Simple, e.g. This activity is so simple but incredibly effective and fun while teaching the present perfect tense. The whole routine ladder game. you need culture. Writing: It would be useful at this point to have students copy all the vocabulary and key phrases into their notebook. For example: If you manage to be the only person standing for one of your examples, you would get a point. Ask students to think of one truth and one lie about something they have done.

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