This broken-down caravan is now an incredible gin bar! We’ve moved on from the days of Gordon’s or Bombay Sapphire being the only options available. Sweet, soothing and fragrant, as a gin botanical this mildly flavoured herb melts into the background, while unlocking depths of flavour in the botanicals it accompanies. In the medieval Herbarium, basil is described as an antidote to snake bites. Harvest the leaves while the plant is low or let the stalk grow for seeds. Strawberries are dormant in winter and begin to grow again in spring, producing fruit from the start of summer. Its musky, bittersweet warmth often takes a backseat in classic gins, playing second fiddle to juniper. Rosemary has a tea-like aroma and a piney flavour. These suites were transformed into havens of relaxation encompassing all the natural properties offered by the botanicals to ensure an experience which leaves you feeling replenished and restored. make sure that you place it in the brightest window in your house. Inspired by the restorative botanicals used in Slingsby Gin, herbs such as Lemon Thyme and Milk Thistle were grown with plants such as Lavender, a traditional sleep aid. Keep your mint plant watered and moist, Gin suggestions - Daffy's Gin, Bloom Gin, Wint and Lila Gin. As a gin botanical, it’s bold, fresh and herbaceous; sweet yet peppery on the palate, with a camphor-like aroma on the nose. In gin-based drinks, it pairs well with plum, almond, rhubarb and the traditional gin botanicals in Wessex Alfred the Great Gin! Herbs which will grow well outdoors in a window box or pots. In the last few years the list of craft gins available has grown vastly. How to grow herbs at home. As a gin botanical, rosemary has savoury heart notes and a woody aftertaste. Here are the top 5 gin garnishes you could grow right from your kitchen windowsill. Gin suggestions - Manchester Three Rivers Gin, Napue Gin, Jensen's Old Tom Gin. All rights reserved. Gone are the days of just a slice of lemon or lime. In gin-based drinks, it pairs well with tomato, strawberry and lime. Delicate yet intensely flavourful, sage leaves make delightful garnishes in your gin cocktail! According to the Old English Herbarium, if picked before sunrise chamomile could ease eye pain. Lavender likes heat, so perfect for in the kitchen. Remove from the heat and cool for one hour, then remove the rosemary sprigs. The Anglo-Saxons used juniper as a cure for digestive issues. If you want mint in your bed, plant it in a container first and then dig a spot in the bed for the container. Matthew has since put together a helpful guide to growing your own botanicals, allowing you to create your very own botanical garden at home….

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