Tweets by @nchuntnfish I don’t know how they survive when the water is low., a Montlake Media brand. “They will hit just about anything, and I have used the wrapper from a piece of baloney to make jigs for catching them. He jerked hard and snatched a redfin high into the air and rotating the rod away from the water. Amnette Lackey Neff. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); The redfin pickerel is a popular target for anglers fishing North Carolina’s Lumber River and its backwaters. FISHING INFO/GUIDES — K.C. While small, they are stunningly beautiful fish, with scarlet fins, tarnished copper flanks with dark stripes and dark slashes across their eyes. Spotted bass ,blue gill. Anglers who target mountain trout appreciate small fish of a similar streamlined shape for the same reasons Atkinson enjoys catching redfin pickerel. Upchurch Lake. what fish species can be found here, and where the fish are hiding. A detailed fishing report for the Lumber River will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. The Lumber River is one of the most highly prized recreation sites in North Carolina; recreation varies from active outdoor recreation, to festivals, to passive activities. “Most of the time they are in extremely acid headwater creeks,” he said. “I just scale, head and gut redfin pike like any panfish,” he said. So whether it's a bass fishing report, or a trout we invite you to submit a fishing report and help us to promote the sport. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. The tail and pelvic fins of pickerel can be used as bait. No Activity Yet. About half the time when an angler hauls a redfin from the water, it opens its mouth so fast the hook falls free and the fish drops away. Tips, tactics, gear reviews for everything from bass and bluegills to stripers and bluefish - if it's fishing related, we cover it. Otherwise, it will sink and snag on any twig, root or cypress knee. He fishes the Sandy Run Swamp in Pender and Onslow counties. Since heavy rains broke the dam at Lake Upchurch in 2003, the lake is empty but has … A public boat ramp is located east of the intersection of US 76 and NC 904. The Eagle River Lumbar Pack holds up to six fly boxes or two 9″ tackle boxes and features a wide mouth opening that allows easy access to the main compartment, a zip down work station with tippet tender and fly patch, a padded sling strap with a net D-ring, plus multiple exterior D-rings for your accessories. “The instant a pike strikes, you have to jerk it out of the water and get it over the bank,” he said. His plastic pail was teeming with pickerel, many of them already fins-up, showing off such striking color they could make a trout blush with envy. Atkinson said 100-fish days are not uncommon; that’s enough fish to fill a 5-gallon bucket. Rochelle used a pickerel tail for bait when fishing with a cane pole when he was a child. WHEN TO GO — The best bite begins in May and can continue through the summer, depending upon water level. However, one of its native fish is as beautiful as any rainbow trout. These days, rather than a pole, Rochelle uses a spincast rig with 6-pound monofilament. Then, the next year, they are abundant again. As with mountain trout, another attribute of ditch pickerel besides the fun of catching them is eating them. Atkinson remembers from his youth that parked vehicles on the side of the road for miles. We walk the banks and find the most fish in the places that will dry up if it does not rain. “If I see a pile of limbs and floating leaves, I look for an opening in the leaves, because a fish might be underneath them, moving its fins or feeding and clearing out that little hole.”. A redfin pickerel can chomp down on prey or a bait with such a powerful grip that it does not swallow it immediately. Atkinson carefully opened the fish’s mouth to reveal its sharp teeth. If the water is clear, seeing them is easier. Launch and head north into the Lumber River lowlands. Fishing Lumber River, SC on 10/17/2020 will be best from 12:00AM through 12:00AM, and from 12:00AM to 12:00AM. However, it was not a fish Atkinson wanted to catch. Fishing pressure is less in these areas, and the fishing is better. “I sure don’t like catching them when I’m pikin’.”. Hooking it, he flipped it into the water and wiggled it along the edge of a bed of alligator weed. While his equipment has modernized, his method has not. He was standing beside a canal on Fair Bluff Road that is part-and-parcel to the river’s swamp ecosystem when he felt a nibble. However, before leaving any state road right-of-way, they need permission to enter private property, the same as with mountain trout fishing. Bullard, Ricky Ward, Lumber River Outdoors, 910-863-1220, See also Guides and Charters in Classifieds. Pickerel look like waterlogged leaves just beneath the surface, so it takes some experience to spot them. “I tie on some 12-pound line and a hook or small jig,” he said. Lumber River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Anglers can park and climb down the banks to fish beneath highway bridges. Details; Find more fishing reports in North Carolina. The Lumber River is one of the state’s four Natural and Scenic Rivers, and an 81-mile portion of the river is designated a National Wild and Scenic River. “I fish about 10 miles upstream of Maple Hill. On HookandBullet, we invite you to share your knowledge with others - what tackle is working, Our trip actually started on Drowning Creek, which becomes The Lumber River shortly after our put in. “A bowfin bit a hole in my landing net and swam right through it,” said Atkinson, who is retired. very hard to find places to access it, howevere when you can find a place,..." Crooked Creek, "During the winter bass tend to shut down, but on sunny warm afternoons its a great time to throw a..." Salters Lake. The visitor experiences miles of natural settings that on… MAPS — DeLorme’s North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer, 800-452-5931 or For catching redfins, Atkinson uses a 12-foot telescoping fiberglass pole, the modern version of the cane poles he probed for pickerel with when he was a kid. Try fishing for them day or night by casting live sunfish on bottom rigs near logjams and deep holes. Remember to adjust these times based on barometric pressure, and weather changes. 7 to 8 in. Jun 10, 2018 - Lumber River (Boardman) Details: One spotted bass 7 blue gill with a Red worms. The few remaining practitioners of pikin’ like it because they are addicted to catching the smallest of North Carolina’s two species of pickerel. Jerking hard doesn’t help the hookset, but it gets the fish up on the bank immediately. "Great place to fish! Joe Rochelle, a retired roofer from Maple Hill, is another angler who enjoys catching redfin pickerel. “If it falls off the hook onto the slope, it flips back down the bank, and it’s gone.”. “I use a pike fin for bait after catching the first one on a piece of fatback.”. He responded by jerking back and hauling a bowfin from the water. All the other bones come right out with the backbone, so all you have left is great tasting fish to eat.”. The section that we did was at the beginning of the river near Wagram, NC. I had planned on paddling Sections 1-3 from Paul Fergusons book Paddling Eastern… “There were so many cars here back then that it looked someone was having a funeral,” he said. We have nightly, weekly, monthly, and yearly rates. Among the most popular activities are canoeing and boating, fishing, hunting, picnicking, camping, nature study, swimming, biking, jogging, crafts and fossil and artifact hunting. The Lumber River forms the boundary between Robeson and Columbus counties and cuts across the North Carolina-South Carolina border. All rights reserved. Removing a pike from the pail, he used scissors to snip a two-inch strip from its flank surrounding the scarlet pelvic fin. Stained black as burnt coffee with tannin from the soil and decaying vegetation, the water is nothing like the crystal-clear waters of a trout stream. Canoeing: One of the best way to experience the unique characteristics of the Lumber River is by canoe. Nestled on sixty acres of pristine countryside, next to the scenic Lumber River in Columbus County, Lumber River Campground is an excellent get-away destination for the horse or nature enthusiast! Fish are not liberal or conservative (@Tight Lines) Fish..." Lake Tabor, "Fish this creek weekly. Many unusual fish inhabit the river’s backwater creeks. Beyond its aesthetic beauty, the Lumber River has played a vital role in American history. Small, in-line spinners such as Rooster Tails or Road Runners in red and white are the most productive lures. The important thing is to start reeling in right when the lure hits the water. Highly recommend! Once they are cool enough, I hold them upside down in the palm of one hand and reach down through the rib cage with the other to pull out the backbone. “You can’t believe how good one tastes until you’ve tried it.”. “To use a tail for bait, first you have to catch a pike,” he said. Moments later, the rod tip twitched. Check out our, Scope Adjustment: 2-Shot Method to Scope Sighting. “Pikin’” is a term most anglers under the age of 40, or any hailing from outside the coastal plain’s deepest, darkest swamps, will not recognize.

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