I originally posted this 2 years ago, but never found any manufacturers that offer this type of ball valve without it being a custom build. Gujarat, India. Bore : Regular / Full bore. Alibaba.com offers 169 extended stem ball valves products. Extended Stem Ball Valve - Bronze. 11/11/2020, Copper Alloy Ball Valve Installation, Operating & Maintenance Manual, D171, D171EXS, D171LS, D171T, D171C, D171CEXS, D171CLS, D171CT, D171MHU & D171MHULS WRAS Certificate, Pressure / Temperature Chart - Copper Alloy PN Designated Valves, D171EXS Extended Stem Ball Valve - Bronze. valves, globe Benefit : Extended stem gives ease of operation and protections to the operator. Pad lock capabilities can be provide maximum safety. $29.84 $ 29. Extended Stem Ball Valves Extended Stem Ball Valves KenRad (Mechanical) (OP) 2 Feb 05 09:46. Dongou Industrial Zone,Oubei Town,YongJia County WenZhou City,ZheJiang Province P.R China, Xingfeng Valve Co.,Ltd © All right Reserved 2015-2018, Comparison of pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic butterfly valve. 1. It only needs to set up a small shallow well on the ground, which greatly saves construction cost and engineering time. The valve body structure is integrally welded without external leakage. Size. Top-Entry. 2. Carbon Steel, Low carbon steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel, Extended stuffing box to suit Insulation& leak detection, Extremely high or Low temperature services. Bronze. Full diameter or reduced diameter, anti-static design, stem anti-flying, fire protection design. Appex Valves | Sharvil Engineers, The anti-leakage structure of the valve stem and the bottom of the valve stem have a PTFE self-sealing gasket and an O-ring. Extended stem ball valves are mainly used where normal distance lever operated ball valves are covered with insulation. to the surface, Extended stem ball valve can be buried directly in the ground. Rising Stem Ball Valve FCD VBEETB1012-02 04/14. www.appexvalves.com 6. Extended stem ball valves are mainly used where normal distance lever operated ball valves are covered with insulation. wholesale DN150 long stem stainless steel female thread ball valve 8. D171EXS 1/4" to 3" Extended Stem Ball Valve - Bronze. Material. 287 extended stem ball valve products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which valves accounts for 3%. Castle Extended Stem Ball Valves are widely used in the HVAC as well as Pharmaceutical Industry. Site last updated Chakudia Mahadev Road, © 2018 Castlevalves All rights reserved. extends the length of a valve stem for bringing the operating device close. Link: ball valve ,gate D171EXS 1/4" to 3" Extended Stem Ball Valve - Bronze. Material : Carbon Steel, Low carbon steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel. +91 94276 16390 – Rajni Shah 84. Valbart RSBV FCD VBEETB1012-02 04/14 2 Contents Main Features 3 RSBV Specifications 3 Opening and Closing 3 RSBV Bill of Material 4 Dimensions and Weights 6–11 Cv (Flow Capacity) Tables 6–11 Valbart Rising Stem Ball Valve The RSBV uses a unique helix system that opens and closes the valve without rotation. www.sharvilengineers.com, Direct Mounting Actuator Type Ball Valves, Sight Glass or View Glass or Tubular Sight Glass. Where are the pneumatic cryogenic ball valves mainly used? Contact. There are two connection methods of welding and flange. Pressure Safe Stem– Both one-piece and two-piece, assembled-inside-the-body stems are safe from blowout and are supported with Polyfill® thrustwashers. All Right Reserved. deep burying. 1/4" to 3" Pressure Rating. All other construction and features are remaining same and purpose for operating valves at extended distance can be full filled with “Appex” make extended stem ball valves with wide variety of material of construction like CAST STEEL, SS 304, SS 316,SS 304 L, SS 316 L etc. valves ,actuators and accessory, screwed fittings and stainless steel/carbon pipe. carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel. Mount upon ISO-5211 direct mounting pad F04~F12, Could be fitted with locking device and actuator. Vented ball to reduce damage caused by trapped cavity pressure. Tripple sealing in gland provided to reduce the emission. 147, Adarsh industrial estate, +91 98253 82621 – Vishal Shah, Website : FREE Shipping. Features: 1.Forged ball 2.Anti-fire safe design 3.Anti-static device 4.Free leakage of body Sealed construction The length of the valve body and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted according to the construction and design requirements of the pipeline. Shop for Ball Valve Stem Extensions & Parts at Ferguson. Bronze. 7. eliminating the need for heavy, long Valve struggling to find the operating Stability. By virtue of the extended stem, the operator does not have to tear the insulation to operate the valve as the extended stem attached with the handle always comes out of the insulation to permit the opening and closing of the valve accordingly. Buried ball valve, the valve stem can be lengthened according to the needs of the project, so that it can be operated on the ground, and the corresponding grease injection, sewage and exhaust devices are extended from the pipe to the ground. 5, the valve body is light and easy to keep warm. +91 99989 75111 – Kaushal Shah Top-Entry. 10. 4. 1/4" to 3" Pressure Rating. Select your region from the drop down below to view local distributors. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this website is correct.

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