From being heart healthy, to helping to control diabetes, to strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy bones and digestion, the perks of using coconut oil run more than skin deep – though what it can do for your skin is pretty incredible too. If the lips are badly dry or chapped, apply the VCO on lips repeatedly a few times a day. People these days are using coconut oil for almost everything, from smoothies to bullet coffee, from oil pulling to cosmetic and what not. Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Your Health And Weight Loss. Coconut is known for both healing and curing many skin allergies like, eczema, psoriasis (which is an autoimmune disorder) etc. Application of this scented lotion on the skin and. Coconut oil has been used for ages for different purposes in India. I have very acne prone skin , and I have been using coconut oil for the past 1 year , it has helped calm my skin , reduced my acne marks, and oilyness on my face ,new breakouts are also less comparatively, I guess it totally depends on persons skin how it reacts to certain a products. Take 1-2 teaspoon of coconut oil and add 1 teaspoon of manuka honey or normal honey to it. By registering to HELLO! The weekly application of coconut oil can prevent protein loss from hair (keratin). The result should be a clean, hydrated face with no need for expensive cleansers or wipes. External application of coconut oil on the skin is beneficial in many ways. It's both hydrating and detoxifying, and will work to remove impurities without drying out the skin. Too much oil application can make your body leaking and dripping with oil all over the skin ….an oily mess. One of the best ways to prevent faster aging of the skin and formation of wrinkles is to apply regularly this oil on the skin. [3,4], Some portion of the fatty acids is converted into monocaprin and monolaurin by the body. RELATED: Cheryl's top beauty trick for new mums. It'll work better than shop-bought serums since it's entirely silicone free and won't leave any residue or build-up. Minimises dandruff- Coconut oil can help lower the levels of yeast on the hair scalp that causes inflammation, flaking and scalp irritation associated with dandruff. Try minimising the problem with ultra-moisturisation of hair by massaging with coconut oil weekly. The oulook of her hair is thick , lustruous, less amount of grey hair..soft, no dandruff. Protein, along with other vitamins, helps in the development and repair of healthy skin tissues. Coconut oil is a plant-based vegan form of oil which is made by pressing the fat from the white meat (fruit part) inside the matured coconuts. [6], The saturated fat in VCO has a good protein that helps in nourishment and regeneration of skin tissues. [1], Several infections and localized skin issues caused by bacterial and microbial agents can be eliminated with the application of VCO.[2]. It is good to keep coconut oil in a bottle or jar with a wide opening so as to use a spoon or fingers to take the oil out. Most importantly, you don’t require any additional moisturizer or after-shave lotions to be used as this oil will naturally moisturize and brighten the skin after the shave. In the tropical coastal regions of the world, where coconut palms naturally grow and commercially cultivated, people have been using it on the skin for many centuries. It also protects the skin in many ways because of the antibacterial and antifungal properties in it. You can make the shaving still smoother if you massage the skin with warm water-soaked cotton linen before the applying of the oil. Coconut oil benefits for skin, face, hair and health, as touted by Cheryl Cole, Shay Mitchell and Josephine Skriver. This pocket friendly solution will not only be kind to your wallets but is also kind to your skin. The cracked cuticles and skin around the nails can be remedied by applying coconut oil over the area or rubbing a coconut oil soaked cotton pad over the base of the nails. Anyone with cracked, sore or dry nipples, can make it supple and soft by regularly applying coconut oil over the nipple…even the breastfeeding mothers can use it as this oil is not harmful to the baby. It is more effective when it is mixed with few drops of essential oils ( a mixture of lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, and basil oils) and lavender oil; this mixture should be warmed up at a moderate temperature and stirred well before the massage. It also makes the skin look beautifully smooth and healthy. You can prepare a number of natural remedies by mixing other herbal and medicinal ingredients into the coconut oil. Regularly applying coconut oil over the skin areas with age spots will make them fade away in a few week’s time. You can also straightaway use coconut oil as a frizz-fighting serum post hair wash. Coconut oil and aloe vera hair mask- This mask is a great food for hair. In this article, we will look into the benefits of coconut water for the skin and face. The saturated fats in coconut ingested through consumption, a good bit of this fat get deposited in the skin tissues which make the skin look healthy and smooth with no visible pores. The coconut kernel and oil are edible. Arooshi Aggarwal, the Nutritionist and Founder of Arooshi’s Nutrylife, discusses some DIY coconut oil tricks for different purposes: Provides deep condition and tames the frizz- Coconut oil is a great hair conditioner. MORE: Gizzi Erskine shares her favourite coconut recipes. As we said before, coconut oil and kernel are healthy for consumption. If you wish to change your mind and would like to stop receiving communications from, you can revoke your consent by clicking on "unsubscribe" in the footer of the newsletter. In one of the comparative tests among oils, it was found that coconut oil can block the effects of harmful UVA and UVB rays on the skin by about 30%. Coconut oil has been used for ages for different purposes in India. Frying meat and vegetables with coconut oil will not only give it a great taste, it's a great source of healthy fats. Run a teaspoon of coconut oil through wet hair and leave it overnight for an intensive conditioning treatment that will leave your hair feeling smooth and repaired. A skin tattoo can also be protected from color-fading by regularly applying a thin layer of coconut oil over it. Why coconut oil is so beneficial for our skin and hair explains Nutritionist Arooshi Aggarwal. This boosts the immune response to antimicrobial activity against enveloped viruses, certain bacteria, and the yeast Candida albicans that adversely affects the body internally or in the pores of the skin. It is used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic stream of medicine and Asian herbal remedies for treating several skin disorders and hair care solutions. VCO also detoxifies the outer layer of the skin because of the natural anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties in it. The Vitamin-E present is extremely good for repair and regenerations of skin tissues. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement. We shall discuss the major individual benefits of this oil for skin in the following paragraphs below. for its high levels of linoleic acid. Using coconut oil as a skin cleanser may not be a good idea to people suffering from pimple and acne issues as oil clogging in the pores of the skin can further aggravate these issues. It makes the skin soft and smooth for the razor-blades to do a close shave of the hair. Before you proceed to shave….just gently massage a thin layer of coconut oil onto the skin surface where you want to shave (face, underarms or legs). If the oil has turned rock solid, then warm it up in the microwave oven or immerse the oil jar in warm water to liquefy the oil. The consumption of fatty acids present in this oil is weight loss friendly and helps in reducing the stretch marks and wrinkles by minimizing the fat deposits below the skin tissues. Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. It is also known to fight all the signs of skin ageing. External application of coconut oil on the skin is beneficial in many ways. Does Coconut Oil For Hair Growth And Hair Treatments Work? But do you know that there are a lot of benefits of eating coconut for the skin as well? | 7 Effective Remedies. My grandmother has been using coco oil for her hair since young..shes 80 now. It also makes the skin look beautifully smooth and healthy. The medicinal properties of the coconut oil are good for healing cuts and bruises too. As you soak the feet with coconut oil, the sole becomes soft and helps in reducing the cracks on the feet. for its high levels of linoleic acid. The coconut oil not only softens and moisturizes the skin, but it retains the moisture for a long time….even mild washing will not remove the coconut oil fully from the skin, unlike other moisturizers that will disappear by itself within an hour or two. Application of this scented lotion on the skin and under-arms will dispel the bad body odor. Of course, olive oil and avocado oil slightly superior to coconut oil for this matter. The lipid components of VCO from its active individual fatty acids are excellent Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent. It is found that by regularly massaging coconut oil over the skin will reduce the stretch marks. In fact, coconut oil is said to be the, A major portion of the VCO mostly consists of. Use sparingly as a hair serum. It is the best natural oil that helps in the nourishment of the hair. Of course… there are a number of coconut oil benefits for the skin. Use only the exact amount of oil required for forming a thin layer of application….excess oil is not going to do any better. Various studies show that coconut oil may improve and repair the skin barrier function with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Using coconut oil on your skin can be the difference between flaky, dry skin, and soft, glowing skin, as this oil is known for its moisturizing benefits. Due to the sheer amount of health benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair, it has an ever increasing popularity so that it can be found rather easily in most supermarket and grocery stores. Externally when you apply it on the skin, it hydrates, moisturizes and protects the skin. Coconut oil is comparatively lighter in comparison to other oils many commericial mousturizers today also use it in their manufacturing.Also skin type is different choose what suits you the best. After about 5 to 10 minutes of applying the oil, you can wash the face with a mild organic skin cleanser. In fact, coconut oil is said to be the healthiest cooking oil out there. Various medium-chain fatty acids like Lauric, Capric, Caprylic, etc. It can also cure sunburns and lighten the scars. Various medium-chain fatty acids like Lauric, Capric, Caprylic, etc. I've been using plain virgin coconut oil on my face for about 5 years now and my skin has never looked better. This oil, in most cases, is used alone; but in some natural remedies’ preparations, it is used along with other natural ingredients as a treatment solution for particular skin issues like fungal infections, eczema, warts, diaper dermatitis, etc. Activate HELLO! There is no doubt that coconut oil can keep your skin supple and healthy in many ways. In fact, coconut oils work just like the expensive anti-aging creams that people use to pamper their skin. This oil will last on the applied area for hours or till it is washed away. Try minimising the problem with ultra-moisturisation of hair by massaging with coconut oil weekly. If you have cracked and parched feet and sole, it can be gradually healed and softened by soaking the feet and sole in coconut oil with the help of cotton swab. With the help of a cotton swab apply the coconut oil onto the skin by rubbing the oil-soaked cotton swab onto the skin in a circular motion for a few minutes.

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