Wth regard to chocolate cake made wth pressure cooker,I see many recepies using only aluminium cooker,cant v do in stainless steel cooker? Pour melted butter or oil. Microwave allows you to mix ingredients without getting your hands messy. I personally never used salt or sand yet, Your Feedback Means Alot :) Do Drop Ur Word Of Thoughts. Cake without Oven and Cooker. I have been following you in facebook for a while but this is my first time here. 1. Though the stick was coming out fine after 60 mins.. it has to be dry heat without any moisture and hence use salt or sand as a base to cooker. So, why do you feel so dependent on these appliances now? I tried today exactly same ingredients..took lime juice instead of vinegar. later cut to slices and serve. in addition do not forget to visit my other recipes collection like. in addition the same recipe can also be prepared in electric rice cooker too. sieve everything well. Brush milk on top to get a golden top. 12. Use at least room temperature to warm milk. What Next When Your Dhokla Flops / Fails??? Please let me know if i can cream butter and sugar together before adding other ingredients to the cake batter. it may include no bake cakes, cream cheese cake, sponge cake and cake recipes without oven. If not a cooker, it needs a proper aluminum or cast iron kadai or pot. Can't believe you bake this without oven, Looks so good! It's too good :), Wow!! Make sure water doesn’t enter the pan. Wanna bake, but without oven? So I came up with my own method of baking and you can see the pic above! 3. All you need is a deep pan with a lid, which closes tight to create the perfect steamy atmosphere for baking. But she had small cooker where the cake tin couldnt be placed. Very nice Aara. additionally, replace maida with wheat flour and oil with butter for more healthy cooker cake recipe. The only difference is the method of cooking, which is not baking but cooking on the gas stove. You can check this chocolate cake recipe and bake it in cooker. While cast iron pan may be a good alternative for an oven when baking, it usually takes you a longer time to bake with this device thoroughly. Not sure if it yields any special results. 16. Hello Kavitha 6. 3. the recipe is also quite popular in pakistan and has several variations to it local pakistani cuisine. Preheat the oven to 170 C for at least 15 mins. Even the cake is brittle help me plz for next time, Hi Anpu, meanwhile prepare cake batter by taking 1 cup milkmaid, ¼ cup oil, ¼ cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract and 1 tsp vinegar in a large mixing bowl. © Copyright 2019 Kitchen Design All Rights Reserved. To make cakes without an oven, prepare the baking pan by greasing it with butter, or lining it with a parchment paper, and then dusting it lightly with some flour. Brush with milk on top. Now, place a cooking iron rack in an empty, clean wide pot, cover it tightly with a lid, and let it pre-heat on the stove on high flame for at least 5-10 minutes. Beat in vanilla using mixer on low speed. also can u pls share cake recipe in electric rice cooker or instant pot. further, transfer the cake batter into the cake mould (width: 15 cm, height: 6 cm, length: 17 cm). Cake recipes that you can bake following the same cooker method:Eggless chocolate cakeEggless Black forest cakeChocolate cakeChocolate sponge cakeEggless sponge cakeButter cakeEggless carrot cakeBanana cake, For best results follow the step-by-step photos above the recipe card. Open the pot after 15 minutes, dip a toothpick or skewer in the center of the cake, and see if it comes out with some batter on it, or clean. as a result, gives a preheat oven atmosphere. do not to over mix the cake batter as it turns chewy. furthermore, insert a toothpick at the centre and check. So here Things we need to do the baking is: - A Round pot big enough to place the cake tin, - A small ring/ separator to hold the cake tin. 5. After you pour in all the baking essentials in a pan, you can have them mixed and simply leave the mixture in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Add yogurt and mix well. © 2012 - 2020 - Swasthi's Recipes. Nice way of baking, aara, here I've a convection and I'm breaking my head to use it properly...:). and dont have an oven? heat for 5 to 10 minutes. 2. If you are looking for cake recipes online that are best for crockpot baking, you’ll be sure to find several ones to love! If you are new to baking then you might be thinking why bake in a pressure cooker? No more worries anymore. In India, most house holds use a cooker for their daily cooking. - Baking time may vary according to the density of batter and also the kind of pot we are using! This recipe will yield you a soft, moist and delicious eggless vanilla cake. shall we put ordinary silver vessel for baking in pressure cooker? While the vessels are heating, beat the sugar and butter in a bowl until it achieves a creamy consistency, add eggs and beat properly, add milk, colors and flavors, beat again, and finally add the flour and the baking powder. combine well with cut and fold method adding warm milk if required. Hi Swasthi, I tried many of your recipes. This cake show above was baked a month back at my aunts place in Nagpur. You can simply use any aluminium kadai or other utensil.

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