At the time, I thought those names were absolutely perfect, but things have changed a little bit. I just posted the recipe. Lastly for my family, my baby sister (I finally got a sister!) My sister had a set of twins… the boy was David and the girl I can’t remember. kuh-LEE? The name Nana would have been even worse in my family. Can I change her diaper?” She also has a bottle and pacifier. Mine actually had decent names for the ’80s. Just as I am typing this, her name finally popped back into my head after so many years. I didn’t get her in 1983, but sometime in the early 90s. I loved Dick Ferrell. 88 Responses to “Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Names”. I can’t remember my brother’s Cabbage Patch’s name. Clunky. What did your Cabbage ancestors do for a living. Cecile Hope (Affectionately called CeCe) Cookies help us deliver our Services. Grocery Hauls Play all. Of course, my first question was what name it came with, so they had to make one up on the fly, hence my brother’s doll was named…. Amazing. His name was Augustin Finley. She got her doll when I got mine, making her 2 years old. I had two. Her name might flow just fine to the average person, but to my childhood ear it was a disastrous clash of my best friend’s first name and my sister’s first name, like mixing water and oil. The next was my little bald boy, Lars Berkley. Falsche Übersetzung oder schlechte Qualität der Übersetzung. AND I was obsessed with all things A-named. I wasn’t aware Lyn could be a man’s name, so I thought it was a mistake and re-named the doll Holly. All of the little girls loved them and said, oh I do hope I have a preemie someday! So I filled out the paperwork to change her name (April Kathleena was my choice ) but I never got it back, was so bummed. I called her Ellie Mae. Candy Karoline Cassie, my mama’s cpk, hand stitched ,only not original, with pink hair (hence the name). Mae Bess was blessed with an abrupt, staccato name—a problem I noticed even as a child. But as a fan of Nancy Drew Mysteries, it made sense to me. He came with a red baseball cap. I only had one CPK and he was secondhand. Daniel James was named by yours truly, as he was rescued from a consignment shop in an abandoned and naked state. I just bought my daughter her first cabbage patch doll – Giselle Coco (which I chose mainly for the name!). and Cara Michelle who could go in the water Bronz Y-Locks, baby His first name was Simon and I forgot the mn. plant varieties which ÚKZÚZ is currently testing ). The chucky dirty blond was named Lady. I also have an Ashton Drake Galleries doll named simply “Andrew”. It contains over 330 genera and about 3,700 species, according to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. My niece now plays with her when she is visiting, and everyone (Even my dad and brother!) The boy doll is named Lindsey Roddey. Chrissie Wilma + Heywood Frank were mine. I remember taking a piece of that good white bread Mom would buy and dunking it right into the serving bowl, and then eating the soggy, sweet, orange-colored slice. If I had known mine was still around, we wouldn’t have sold poor Bobby. He was bald except for a little patch of brown hair at the top of his head and two little top teeth. I can’t have biological kids and am raising my niece who I sorta helped name but I still love names to death and play around with them. The average life expectancy for Cabbage in 1943 was 49, and 89 in 2004. We were purists, calling them by their real, given names. Annabella Cleopatra! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don’t remember my CPK’s name and I don’t remember the birth certificate much if at all either I was such a pack rat as a child, I can’t believe I didn’t keep it. Later I got a CPK baby (maybe a preemie) that came with the name Bert Lyn. Apparently, CPK was not a thing in Europe, so the local department store chain flew a bunch of them in. Der beste Volltext-Übersetzer der Welt – jetzt ausprobieren! . It's a huge list, so I've just pulled out some favorites. Pour about 50–100 mL of your red cabbage indicator into each 250 mL beaker. I loved her so much. I hated them. When my mother called her friend to tell her that I turned out to be a girl (they didn’t want to know what gender I was until I was born and everyone thought I would be a boy!) I have a rotation that I have half of my dolls under my bed in a bin for a month, then I take them out and switch with the dolls that are under my desk-table in bunk beds. I also had a Precious Moments doll, a 24″ boy in light blue PJs. Evelina Kit’s name did not appeal to me in the ‘90s, and my sisters and I resorted to calling her Evie (EVV-ee). So, right now, I checked for their names. She had brown hair in 2 pigtails. ÚKZÚZ prüft folgende 32 Arten für ÚKSÚP: (Bunte Kronwicke, Flaches Rispengras, Flechtstraußgras, Glatthafer, Hainrispengras, Kammgras, Luzerne, Rotes Straußgras, Saatwicke, Schwedenklee, Welsches Weidelgras, Wiesenfuchsschwanz, Wiesenrispengras, Wiesen-, Rohrschwingel, Ungarische Wicke, alle Hybriden zwischen. Return the cabbage to the pot and steam again, repeating as necessary until you can easily remove all of the biggest leaves. My first’s name was Mary. There was only one doll name that ever caught my attention, worn by one of my few non-CPK dolls. Due to the Birth Certificate, I felt too guilty to rename her. I always tossed out my CPK names. I held them, clothed them, took them for walks in little doll strollers, bought them each pairs of handmade CPK-sized underwear from a local flea market, and I was even able to give one of them baths because she was a special variety of CPK made to go in water. My DD’s came with the name Zorah Mae. Apart from the one that I bought second-hand without his birth certificate, and another that came with a horrid name that absolutely had to be changed, I felt obligated to keep the names they had borne since their emergence from the magical cabbage patch. Polyphenole aus Grüntee, Ingwer, Kohlgemüse, Weinblättern, Gingko Biloba, Quercetin, Weizengras und anderen Pflanzen, die giftige Sauerstoffabbauprodukte binden, wirken entzündungshemmend, unterstützen den programmierten Tod von degenerierten Zellen, wirken schützend auf die Zellen und die Membran der Mitochondrien und befördern damit eine Umschaltung von einseitig blockierten Immunreaktionen (Th1-Th2-Switch). Ah, children grow up so quickly! I have always been very superstitious about renaming things. I always wanted to go to the Babyland General Hospital to name a Cabbage Patch Kid. Sara Colette My sister got the twins, which came with the names Wade and Rosalind (can’t remember the middles – Wade could have been Wade Thomas but I’m not sure). This was a family delicacy and we four kids loved this dish. That makes me happy. We had a few regular baby dolls, and I remember some of their names, like Isabelle, Beatrice, Joseph, and Fiona. Good job, Mom and Dad! 4. But as time went by, and my first impression of my Nana’s doll wore off, I started seeing her in a different light, and it was that very first deadly doll that started my love for dolls. But we were rather poor, and I know it was just such a special thing to get to go to the Hospital at all. Azalea Akri They were my babies in every way but one: I did not name them. My first beautiful red-head was Daphne Emma. Don’t get me wrong, some of these dolls come with names as magical as the land whence they came, but many of them feature odd, rarely-heard name combos that clash stylistically and rhythmically., Discover the unique achievements of ancestors in your family tree, This page needs Javascript enabled in order to work properly. The Name Of The Boat . And I used to like the name until the band Hanson came out, now that’s all I can hear, A community for those interested in names. She has rag dolls named Charlotte and Saree. 6. 3,226 Followers, 90 Following, 411 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cabbage Family (@cabbagefamily) My middle sister and I wanted to name it Susannah, but my youngest sister wanted to name her Miya. I was quite jealous of my brother, who had Miles Reuben. Kind of horrifying to think about now… So I didn’t know his name. Core the cabbage and place it cut side down in a large pot filled with a few inches of salted water. The names I can remember are Maggie May, Mary Lou, Caterina Janis, Holly, Rachel, and Rosalita (she was a preemie and my very favorite). Cabbage Family. Mix the ground beef with 1 teaspoon of salt. My sister had 4 daughters, so I know that my nieces played with them a bit, never knowing their meaning or their significance. And my newest member, an amputee (due to stains from the previous owner (I found her abandoned at my mama’s exchange store)) Hee hee hee. Then came my boy — Carlos Dunbar. I found it a few years ago and the name nerd in my had to keep it. And I know one day that when I have my own little princess, I’ll be able to scare her too by passing down the doll to her as well. yuck I always thought they were hideous. She came with the name Jamie—a sound that, to me, replicated the sound of tinkling wind chimes and was, I believed, the most beautiful sound in the English language. I had a few I named myself- Melody Suzanne, Kimberly Ashley, and Billy. I remember even though I totally lost the pretend birth certificate. Fun post! As a Rachelle, I thought this name was the bee’s knees for the longest time. . When I got my look-alike doll at the age of four, I named her Melody, after Ariel’s daughter from The Little Mermaid 2, which was my favorite movie at the time. Samantha Rowena Parkington Spelled “correctly” as well! I just remembered I had a cabbage patch doll that I used as the baby for my sex ed class in high school. Eleanor Mae was mine. Kein gutes Beispiel für die Übersetzung oben. Her name was Cassandra Rochelle, but when I’d play with her, I’d call her Cassie. Unfortunately, unlike me and my siblings, 2/3 of my kids won’t even taste it, and I made 15 pieces. Last I got the totally adorable but ridiculously-named-to-me Esmeralda Maybelle. refer to her as Samantha. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! als Übersetzung von "cabbage family" vorschlagen. I don’t remember the middle, but my bald cabbage patch doll (I guess she must have been a premie like yours) was named Petunia. I had a few cabbage patch dolls when I was younger, but I think they were from garage sales or hand me downs, so I don’t know their names. But my middle sister’s doll had the BEST name! I had a newborn called Constance Esther. My Bitty Baby, whom I named at age six, was Rebecca Grace, after my favourite literary character. I think the real doll’s name changed to fit every situation, sometimes it was a girl, others a boy. Very 1980s. My brother’s only Cabbage Patch was a little bald boy named Mac Damon. My son (now one and a half) has just gotten very interested in babies and he will spend a good five minutes trying to jam the bottle into his baby’s mouth. Colleen 19. My last was a blond haired, blue eyed girl, with one long pony tail. Mine was called Regina but can’t remember her mn , I recall I thought it was awful though. Nana Vicky’s name takes the cake. I had a Bessie Leslie and a Rose Hope. 15. Her first ever was named Belle, and since then has added Isaac, Dorothy, Charleston, Mary, Charles, Alice, and my favorites, a group of siblings named Anna Sophia, Emily Emma, Zach Sillaman, Jack Isaiah, and Lullaby Flower. I had three CPK’s: So I changed it. my sister had one named Maggie. Laura Alex and Kasmira Oreola! I know that the original CPKs had names from actual Georgia birth certificates. Next, I got identical twin girls whose perfect names were Seraphine Jane and Molly Violet, and to this today both Seraphine and Violet are on my top 10 list. My newborn’s name was June (and I changed it every time I played with her.)

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