I accidentally came across this book one day and decided to pick it up. Vedas must be learnt under the guidance of a guru alone, after taking a dīkṣā. why don't you find which subject u r interested and read about it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He passed away last year. He said they were the best for beginners. Sturdy and "maintenance-free"? Why did the F of "sneeze" and "snore" change to an S in English history? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Many portions of the veda are sound-based and not language-based. More: English to Spanish translation of Vedas. = Vedas, los. @Ajay there are multiple commentaries in arya samaj. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. BTW arya samaj too has multiple acharayas commentaries. Can someone re-license my project under a different license. None. Many portions of the veda are sound-based and not language-based. It is limited by the lack of an open mind and strong preconceived notions or judgments. No other way. Even for non-English translations, they must be only used as an inspiration to seek a guru for in-depth study later on. I wish more people would have this question in their mind because many engage in various practices in the name of sacred text without having read a word from them. He understood my requirement and picked out Swami Lokeshwarananda’s translations. I recommend reading of commentaries by ancient Hindu acharyas only. But I didnt understand or get any knowledge. When would you use 30分 versus 半 for telling time? One user said that it is not possible to read these texts unless you know Sanskrit. Vishva Dharma ki Jay! I think the most reliable Hindi translation of the Vedas is by Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati, The founder of Hindu Reformist movement 'Arya Samaj'. This is a complete English translation of the Rig Veda by Griffith Introduction (Victory to Universal Dharma!) Around then, a monk walked up to me and decided to help out. I took up language courses and started reading the texts in Sanskrit. If you want to learn Vedas, learn it directly through a guru, and then read various commentaries on Vedas, finally come up with your own meaning as you understand. This is a phenomenal work by one man across five volumes. Any other Hinduism philosophy books recommendations are also welcome. You can read translations by many Western scholars and make what you want of them, but generally you'll end up with different interpretation than what the schools of Hinduism teach/believe in. Phonetics and correct pronunciation are inseparable from the Vedas, and therefore verbal/oral communication is the only … try and comapre which suits you. There are quite a few available publications of vedas (samhitas). Someone who knows Sanskrit may be better equipped to understand it, but it is not necessary. Dictionary source: English Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7. Why did I pay a different price than the chart shows? I’m glad I did. It is a privilege. why you feel they are not good ? Sometimes DIY wont work. Did a computer error lead to 6,000 votes switching from Joe Biden to President Trump? It is an ongoing journey. How can a chess game with clock take 5 hours? Index: INTRODUCTION .....53 1 RG VEDA.....55 1.1 MANDALA 1.....56 1.1.1 Mantra … What are some online sources to get unabridged Hindu Scriptures or to learn Hinduism? Hey all, I've been trying to get more knowledge about the vedas and their teachings and was wondering which of the translations [in english] would be best to read. Topics rig-veda, yajur -veda, sama-veda, atharva-veda Collection opensource Language English. You will never get a proper translation. Ex: The Vedas, the oldest texts from India, have been transmitted in a near perfect oral tradition. Even if they’ve read, they’ve not really ventured deeper into understanding them. In it, I give a brief overview of what are the Vedas, their structure, types of hymns, a little bit about the fire ritual along with a quick mention of the Upanishads. For Hindi language, you can also read Vedas online here. The book is across five volumes, and I’m still reading through them (I’m far from done yet!) Just saying instead of finding Vedas, Better start from small. I was recently reading a Q&A on quora where someone had asked for recommendations on simple, easy to read books on Vedas and Upanishads. How can I trust that Vedas are available in their authentic form (yathaswaroop), Translation of the very first Mantra of the Rig Veda. Without a proper guru i dont think you can grasp it.Its greater science. but I decided to include it here anyway. The Vedas are also the most ancient extensive texts in an Indo-European language, and as such are invaluable in the study of comparative linguistics. Dasgupta was a Sanskrit Scholar and was one of the first Indian authors to compile a text of this nature in modern times. But, I also realized that learning a new language and then exploring the texts all over again is neither easy nor accessible. So where can I get true translation of Vedas along with word by word? How can I handle a PC wanting to be a "twist" villain? What crimes have been committed or attempted in space? Well am not sure what you really want to get out of it, I do agree that the English translations are dated but I think reading the Upanishads by Radhakrishnan is a start. Language does not limit the understanding of Indian Philosophy. They say that the author was working on it right up to his dying day. @2020 - All Right Reserved. I’d studied the language as a child, so it wasn’t as tricky. Where can I get authentic translation of all four Vedas? Why discrete time signals are defined as sequence of numbers? When to carry on with a buggy game state versus terminate the process? Please recommend me some writings to start. Vedas must be learnt under the guidance of a guru alone, after taking a dīkṣā. Once you get into the flow and get familiar with his style, it picks up momentum on its own. Given that the philosophy is intuitive, universal and a part of our essential nature – it cannot be limited to the understanding of specific people in terms of language or caste or place of origin. It is better to opt for Indian authors who can have better understanding and interpretation. Is there a puzzle that is only solvable by assuming there is a unique solution? Disclaimer: He is my father-in-law, but even if he weren’t, I’d still recommend this book. The fact that someone wants to read a simplified version of these texts ought to be encouraged and celebrated. It is one colossal compendium and it’d be better if you find it in a library to flip through before purchasing. Vedas in Spanish. The Vedas An English-only, indexed version of the 4 Veda Samhitas in one document Issue 1, Draft 2 Compiled by the Dharmic Scriptures Team November 24, 2002 Ano Bhadraha Kritavayo Yantu Vishwataha (Let noble thoughts come from every side) – Rg Veda 1. I was trying to gauge which one was most readable. Sjudoku - in a world where 9 is replaced by 7. You will never get a proper translation. Remember that Spiritually is meant to make us light, free, friendly, ethical, and all-inclusive. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Introspect, contemplate, and most importantly read different perspectives. @moonstar2001 That is what I am searching. Even for non-English translations, they must be only used as an inspiration to seek a guru for in-depth study later on. Phonetics and correct pronunciation are inseparable from the Vedas, and therefore verbal/oral communication is the only way to learn them. It only takes a minute to sign up. Then move on and find more. I would also take the liberty to suggest that read any text which interests you – those that naturally appeal to you and those you inherently like. Rig Veda. You can read commentaries on the veda though. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. You can read commentaries on the veda though. If it makes us dense, quarrelsome, and judgemental, then we have missed the woods for the trees. It is a scholarly book, so it can appear a bit heavy to read. Can you store frozen dinners in the refrigerator for up to a week before eating them? A good resource is Advaita ashrama publications, books are very well priced and excellent content. Translation of Griffith is only available at sacred texts.com. Is the Anukramani index of sages and deities of the Rig Veda available online? I had a whole stack of books and was comparing them side by side. There are no English translations that I recommend (no Griffith, no Max Muller). No other way. It is a wonderful and well-researched summary of the critical Upanishads. Why does the same UTM northing give different values when converted to latitude? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Indeed, I found them very useful. You can also read my blog titled ~ What are the Vedas – a simple explanation. All translations of the vedas are inadequate at best. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official subreddit for Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma), Press J to jump to the feed. It has all knowledge about death and life. Most of the translations to English are done by non-hindus, who despite their respect towards the subject, approach it as mere text. Stalling someone from trying to grasp these texts and directing them to study Sanskrit instead is slightly demotivating and irrelevant. 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