Beneath this pillow, lies the key to my release. Playing opposite a refined Watson (Jude Law), Downey is the actor whose most infused his own persona into the Sherlock role, and Ritchie seems more than happy to play it up. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. When Irene drops her towel in front of Holmes we only get a brief view of her, After Holmes meets with Sir Thomas, he asks Sir Thomas how long he expects to live if the rest of Blackwood's family has been killed, and tells him to consider it as food for thought. John Huston, Basil Rathbone, He also befriends a fan, the young son of his housekeeper, who wants him to work again. Mark Adair-Rios, Susan Clark, | | Gabrielle Anwar, Lyn Harding, $19.74M, 72 min Following the release of a new... Tec is back on track. In the second film, take a close look at Moriarty's little red notebook. 100 min Morgan Fairchild, 188 min | | (2004) shows the detective at his most dreary. At the Monarch Theatre with his friend Harvey Dent, Bruce meets Selina and the two bond at the Dionysus Club. In both Sherlock Holmes (2009) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), however, the insanity he brings to the table is near impossible to ignore. He walks a fine line between pompous and endearing, while ultimately winning the crowd over with his spirited sense of adventure. The actor received his first big break in 1964 when he was cast for a BBC production of The Speckled Band. Guess what happens to him at the end... His death was faked, of course. Blackwood killed the five girls in locations that form a pentagram on a map when lines are drawn to connect them. [5] Stars: | Drama, Mystery. James Hill Terence Fisher David Burke, | Alan Mowbray, 65 min | Jumping between time periods, the esteemed Sir Ian excels as both a flickering mind and a rambunctious spirit. 1 min | The master sleuth hunts his archenemy, Professor Moriarty, who is planning the crime of the century. There’s also excitement in the casting of Robert Duvall as Watson and Laurence Olivier as Holmes’ archnemesis Moriarty. Blackwood covers the inside of his cell with mystical runes and imagery. Roy William Neill TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Stars: 44,360 Holmes and Moriarty play out part of a chess match and then an entire fistfight in their minds. In fact, Brett became so obsessed with the character he would reportedly continue to play Sherlock off-screen. | Mystery, Thriller. Long before he rose to fame for the original, (1990), Richardson brought a light, reactional nature to the role of Sherlock.

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