Is it also 5:30am even though the office doesn’t officially open until 10am? Yes, it’s incredibly frustrating. I’m getting mixed answers from different places, I was going to Keplerstr but if I have a better chance at the other one I’d have to try walking in there…. Come back and reload and try again. Some people said that they were waiting at a wrong location, so they missed their chance. It’s especially taxing if you need to travel outside of Germany but are holding off until you have the right permit in your passport. It’s not quite as unbelievable in the winter months. An Introduction to the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK). Good luck Thank you, Make sure that you have access to this email address before you request to receive a verification message. thanks. Hi Kathleen! It was such a problem, security guards now let people in in small groups in Wedding. Required fields are marked *. I am totally confused and stuck regarding changing the employer title: Unless you're moving abroad for a job, you have to decide on where you want to settle? English speakers/Beämter who will speak to you in english is pretty much pot luck. I have been trying to speed up the process to get my paperwork and residence permit done before my permit expires but it doesn’t seem like it. Go to the 4th floor to get your waiting number. I can’t possibly recommend reloading and refreshing the website for an online appointment more. Let me know if you get a response to your email! Hi everyone,I have an appointment with a Bürgeramt in two weeks for Anmeldung, but there's an urgent situation where I would like to get it ASAP.Does anyone know if it's possible to just walk into an office and receive the Anmeldung? I am a non-EU university graduate living in Berlin. You’re in the right building in front of the right room Every Burgeramt has its own walk in policies, so you can try and call them up and see if they accept people without an appointment. If you’re having trouble booking an appointment online, take a deep breath. Otherwise I am planning a 5am trip to Wedding if my magic blue box doesn’t show this week because I have an international trip planned for mid August =(, Sounds like this is the one you need if you have already been here for 5 years with an EU spouse. Once you have finished, they will give you a paper which looks like the picture below, do not lose it! I had a look last night at 10pm, and there were appointments next week. 1. I know. Yes, it is easier said than done.

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