Search by name or [name and year] or by [social security number] ... Andrew Gold, (1920 - 1994), 73 years. He died in 2011, aged 59, after a struggle with kidney cancer.[2][3]. The new arrivals put their stamp on Europe, and wiped out the goddess worship of the Copper Age in the process. Among his more high-profile gigs, he sang "Final Frontier," the theme song for the television sitcom Mad About You. Bulgarian archaeologists chuckled at the irony. “That’s where they found the richest graves.” Excavators later piled all the dirt from the graves on the part of the cemetery they hadn’t yet examined, sealing it under 15 feet of soil to wait for better days. “The whole population was in good health and had a well-balanced diet. There are pendants and bracelets, flat breastplates and tiny beads, stylized bulls and a sleek headpiece. He couldn’t have known that the end of communism would plunge Bulgarian archaeology into a slump that’s lasted more than two decades. A small window lets in a bit of light and the sound of seagulls. The museum’s storerooms were full of them. They didn’t go hungry,” he says. They spoke Indo-European, the ancient tongue that forms the basis for English, Gaelic, Russian, and many other languages. In 1972 Alexander Minchev was just 25, with a freshly minted Ph.D. and a new job at the same museum he works in today as senior staff member and expert in Roman glass. “And believe me, we’ve looked.”. It can be recycled endlessly.” The first metalworkers must have seemed like wizards. Gold played on Cher's hit 1989 album Heart of Stone and, during the early '90s, wrote and composed hits for Trisha Yearwood as well as Wynonna Judd, for whom he co-wrote the No. “Varna shows something completely different,” he says. “Even the penises of these people were gold.”. This album was a multi-tracked solo affair with Gold essentially playing all of the instruments and singing all of the vocals on original songs in the style of Gold's favorite 1960s bands such as The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys. This time, I’m not there to see gold. But there are no signs of battle or violence, no burned villages or skeletons with signs of slaughter. An early signing at David Geffen’s Asylum Records, Gold was best known for a run of mid-’70s albums that spawned the pop hits “Lonely Boy” (No. "[2], In 1990, Gold and four of his family members competed on the game show Family Feud. Britney Spears Loses Bid to Remove Father From Conservatorship, How Clea DuVall's Lesbian Christmas Movie Radicalizes a Conventional Genre, Amy Adams and Glenn Close’s Oscar Chances Try to Stand Above ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, Why Warner Bros. The golden age entombed in the cemetery was brief, he says. Among other accomplishments, he played the majority of instruments on "You're No Good," Ronstadt's only No. Copper could be shaped and worked into tools and decorations in a way that must have seemed otherworldly. Gold never crossed his mind. An influential 1974 book called Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe: Myths and Cult Images, by archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, went even further.

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